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Adding Elements of Autumn

Article by Patti Porter, Owner, Rusted Chandelier

Photography by Brian Porter

Originally published in Kirkwood City Lifestyle

I walked into this project knowing Kathy Jackson has an amazing sense of style and décor. So, my design for a fall display on her kitchen island was quite easy. I have never seen an island quite this stunning. I kept the design simple and let the beauty of the kitchen take the grand stage. I filled a large dough bowl with colorful pumpkins, corn, bittersweet stems, and creamy grass stems. I extended bittersweet garland from each side of the bowl to the end of the island and anchored the display with black tapered candles in vintage, brass candlesticks for a touch of elegance among the traditional elements. When creating an island or table display, remember these are areas where people gather. Keep the height of the items low for the conversation to easily flow. This simple design works in any style of home, from contemporary to traditional. 
I LOVE bittersweet. The Bittersweet stems and garland I have found are very real looking and scream harvest time! It is my favorite item for fall because it adds a natural touch of the season to any kitchen, dining room, and family room, coffee table, or mantels. When decorating outdoors on porches or patios, add bittersweet to lanterns. The powder room is often overlooked when decorating for fall. It’s as simple as adding a fall scented candle and a bittersweet stem. 

Bittersweet Garland 
Add bittersweet garland around your powder room mirror or on a chandelier.  

Bittersweet Stems 
Add some stems to a small fall wreath for warmth and color.  

Cream Grass 
Place the grass around decorative pumpkins and gourds 

Brass Candle Sticks 
The perfect way to anchor a table display 
$15 - $28 

Black Tapered Candles 
Classic, contemporary or casual 
$18 – 32 for a set of four 
Decorative Corn 
What says fall harvest better than corn?  
Colored Pumpkins 
Red, yellow, green, or white  
$3 – $22  
Wooden Dough Bowl 
I love how versatile these bowls are 

About the designer:
May the beginning of your entertaining and family gathering season be warm and inviting. We can help make that happen in your home. 

  • Cream Grass 
  • Brass Candle Sticks 
  • Decorative Corn 
  • Colored Pumpkins 
  • Bittersweet Garland 
  • Wooden Dough Bowl