Adjusting Your Outlook for 100 Years

Dr. Tyler Wright shares about coming into his own at generational practice Wright Family Chiropractic

In 1920, the first commercial radio station began broadcasting. The first League of Nations meeting was held. Women were allowed the right to vote. Across the United States, the Roaring Twenties was gearing up. And Dr. J. Stanley Wright was opening the doors to the first Wright Family Chiropractic in Austin, Texas, where he would go on to care for the community for 65 years and pass down his legacy.

“We are a generational practice and see families who have been coming to our office for decades,” says Dr. Tyler Wright. “One of the coolest parts of my job is speaking with patients who have had direct interactions with my grandfather, and sometimes my great-grandfather, and how their lives were changed for the better. Knowing that my family has had such an impact on so many people has to be one of the most rewarding aspects of my job.”

Over ten decades after Wright Family Chiropractic’s founding, Tyler works alongside his father, Dr. James “Billy” Wright. Seeing how much his dad helps people on a daily basis, Tyler recognizes that he has big shoes to fill. As the Greater Austin area and the healthcare landscape continue to evolve, he is committed to furthering the practice with the opening of their second branch and is excited to see it grow from the ground up.

“The city has expanded exponentially since our opening. Another reason we expanded into Cedar Park is to be closer to existing patients that could no longer make the long drive into central Austin,” says Tyler. “I have learned so much in two years about practice management because we took this step so early in my career. I know that my ability to provide the best services possible will benefit greatly from everything that I’m learning now.”

Tyler hasn’t just learned the tricks of the trade through his experience at Wright Family Chiropractic, however. Following in his father’s footsteps, Tyler attended Baylor University—a campus that he was drawn to from a young age, watching football games. After completing undergrad as a Medical Humanities major, he went to chiropractic school for 10 semesters.

“I’ve always had an interest in healthcare. It was fascinating to take so many courses that taught us how the body works and how complicated things truly are,” says Tyler. “A part of chiropractic that really drew me in is the fact that it’s a drugless and conservative profession that seeks to treat a variety of neuromusculoskeletal issues that don’t respond well to general medical care. In our office, we are helping patients stay out of pain and stay off dangerous drugs while avoiding risky surgeries.”

Since kicking off his career, Tyler has found a passion for meeting people where they are and helping them in their quest to get where they want to go. His favorite part of being a chiropractor is, in fact, the people. That extends beyond his patients and to anyone interested in learning about the field, including elementary schoolers during Career Day. Tyler has had the opportunity to share his most rewarding experiences as a chiropractor with those students.

“At the beginning of the presentation, I asked them to raise their hands if they have ever heard of a chiropractor. Most of the kids raised their hands,” says Tyler. “When I asked if any had seen a chiropractor themselves, there were quite a few that kept their hands raised. It shows that chiropractic as a profession has become more mainstream over the past decade.”

There are many reasons to visit a chiropractor and so much to learn about what they do. If you are interested in discovering how Dr. Tyler Wright and Dr. Billy Wright can improve your quality of life, visit them at their Cedar Park location at 200 Buttercup Creek Blvd #106 or online at wrightfamilychiroaustin.com.

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