Adopt a Pet for the Holidays

Are You Ready for the Pawsitive Change?

The holiday season can be a time of cozy warmth and togetherness, and it might be the perfect time to open your home and heart to a new furry family member. If your family has been thinking of adopting, with a bit of planning and consideration, the holidays just might be the perfect time.   

Below are three of our local animal shelters and rescue organizations with a wealth of adoptable pets in their care. If you are not looking to adopt, there are other ways you can support their work in our community.  

Cascade Canine Rescue East and West (CCREW)

What began as a passion project to rescue mostly terrier type dogs labeled “pitbulls” led to the founding of this beloved rescue organization. They received their 501c3 status in 2015. CCREW’s mission is to “save animals from urgent situations and address pet overpopulation and neglect through spay and neuter.” Three years ago, CCREW also began rescuing cats as well.

“Our number one need… FOSTERS!” states Ashley Germak, PR and Foster Coordinator for CCREW. “Fosters are the lifeline. We can only save more animals if space is available,” remarks Germak. “Many dogs and cats coming in have not been nurtured, well socialized or given proper veterinary care. Foster homes provide a safe environment for an animal to blossom, which gives them the best chance for loving, permanent homes.” 

As a small organization managed by a few volunteers, CCREW is also in need of monetary assistance. Other needs include: cat litter, kitten kibble and wet cat food, along with adult and puppy food. And, of course, volunteers committed to their mission. 


Humane Society of Central Oregon (HSCO)

A part of the Central Oregon community since 1961, HSCO “endeavors to strengthen the human-animal bond by advocating for and compassionately caring for animals.” 

HSCO is not only a place to adopt animals, but daily helps reunite lost pets with their families. This organization also takes an active approach to help reduce overpopulation of cats and rabbits in the area through their “Community Animal Program,” which offers spay/neuter and vaccinations. 

“After someone has visited and fallen in love with one of our shelter animals, the adoption process is simple,” states HSCO Director of Partnerships Lynne Ouchida. “Interested adopters fill out a questionnaire to walk them through the thought process of adding a new furry family member.”

HSCO is a private, nonprofit organization that is not supported by city, county or state taxes. Donations, along with volunteer hours, make it possible for them to continue their work in our community.


BrightSide Animal Shelter

Located in Redmond, BrightSide Animal Shelter is a “dedicated nonprofit committed to creating a brighter future for animals in our community,” states BrightSide Development and Marketing Coordinator Savanah Wellman.

BrightSide also operates a pet food pantry. According to Wellman, “On average we assist three to five people daily by providing essential dog and cat food, ensuring their pets receive proper care even during challenging circumstances.”

“We would love to see more pets find warm and loving homes during the holidays,” Wellman remarks. “It’s just important to remember that embracing a furry friend is a commitment that lasts a lifetime.”

BrightSide welcomes monetary contributions, along with donations of pet food and supplies. Volunteers are also needed to work in their thrift store and provide foster homes for animals in their care.



Health Benefits of Pet Ownership

·        Emotional Wellness

Pets help relieve everyday stress and can provide emotional support.

·        Mental Wellness

Pets promote social interaction and decrease feelings of isolation and loneliness.

·        Physical Wellness

Pets encourage playfulness, exercise, and laughter.

·        Overall Wellness

Pets satisfy the need for touch and offer nonjudgmental warmth and affection.

Pet Adoption Tips

·        Make sure there is a connection to the animal. This will get you through the highs and lows of pet ownership.

·        Consider the needs of the species, breed and the individual temperament of the pet.

·        Where you live is a crucial consideration.

·        Consider your family, children or other pets that your new pet will share your home with.

·        Can you financially support a pet through its lifetime?

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