Adventures Are Meant To Be Shared

Adventure Canine Training continues to impress and inspire

Article by Nicole Bell

Photography by Plum Poppy Photography

Originally published in Gallatin Lifestyle

Adventure Canine Training was built on creating a dynamic and fun life for both dogs and their owners. Rather than just teaching tricks or exclusively general obedience, ACT bridges the gap and focuses on the experience for both human and canine!  When Brooke O’Brien, owner of Adventure Canine Training, was in college the love of going on adventures together with her dogs prompted her to learn more about training principles and canine psychology, physiology and behavior modification. Through these principles, Brooke’s approach to training on a deeper level, helping her clients connect with their dogs and share adventures together is her main objective and highest purpose. 


Brooke’s unique training method can be adjusted to train any dog based on their needs, history and biology. “We utilize the right tools and tactics for the dog, we don’t just stick to one training methodology. We strive to bring out the dog’s willingness to obey without being bribed or manipulated by food. The goal is to send dogs home happy and willing to work with their owners without the need of a treat bag attached to a hip,” says Brooke.

Through constant training, Brooke prefers to have her team learn from proven trainers rather than to seek out online certifications. Dog training certifications are not all created equally. One certification course Brooke is extremely proud of is Ivan Balabanov’s Training Without Conflict program. Ivan is a two-time world champion dog trainer with decades of experience ranging from service dogs, pet dogs and protection dogs. In addition to this course, Brooke and her team of trainers, Sophia and Cayla, have traveled across the United States to attend seminars and other educational programs led by other professional dog trainers.

As for boarding, Booke offers “Board and Training” programs as well as regular boarding for their graduates. Consistency and unwavering followthrough are extremely important, especially when breaking bad habits or setting new ones. During the board and train, 100% focus is given through all hours of the day to the extraordinary level of consistency that’s required for success. By the end of board and train, these habit changes have already taken shape so now it becomes more about maintenance. During board and train, Brooke trains the dogs outside of her facility whether it’s on hiking trails, downtown Gallatin, parks, pet-friendly stores, the Parthenon, or other local landmarks.  Brooke’s mindset is adventures are meant to be shared with your dog and she and her team are able to spend the time necessary to create meaningful change!

In addition to running Adventure Canine Training, Brooke and her team spend countless hours training their personal dogs. “Our dogs have competed in a variety of dog sports including agility trials, hunt tests, obedience trials, dock diving and more,” says Brooke. Several ACT-trained dogs have starred in national commercials for Pittsburgh Paints, Harry and David and Tevra Pet. Four of ACT’s dogs were featured in Maddie and Tae’s award-winning music video for Woman You Got!

Training is a long-term and dynamic process. “We will without a doubt send you home with a smarter, more confident and more competent dog, but you will also be equipped to continue the work with your dog over the long term,” Brooke says. Her most successful clients are those that take what is taught for the foundation to be set and keep moving forward after ending the program. Brooke and her team are extremely passionate dog owners who love a good adventure!

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