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Duke’s Landscape Company offers more than 20 years of award-winning business and green industry experience for contractors and private residences.

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Reimagining Your Great Outdoors

Duke's Landscape Company creates new avenues of exploration in familiar places

Article by Michelle W. Parnell

Photography by Shelley Fredricey, Five Parks Photography

Originally published in Arvada Lifestyle

For over 20 years, Jon LeDuc, owner of Duke’s Landscape Company in Arvada, has transformed yards into recreational and outdoor living spaces. As an expert in working with clients and creating custom designs, LeDuc recommends a few things for homeowners to consider when it comes to making their vision come to fruition.

First, LeDuc advises homeowners spend time thinking about how they want to experience and use the space, specifically focusing on the desired purpose and function of the area. This step encourages exploring different possibilities and narrowing those options down to what best suits the vision for the function of the space.

“During the discovery process, I walk around with the client, chat with them, and get an idea of what they're thinking, including their goals and objectives,” explained LeDuc. “I get to know their personality and how they want to experience the space because a couple with kids all playing sports is much different than a couple that wants a retreat space.”

Next, LeDuc says homeowners should evaluate the different challenges of using the space, which helps guide design plans to address those issues. Some challenges occur naturally, such as heat due to long exposure to the sun or the presence of too much wind. Other challenges are the result of previous landscaping endeavors, such as elements that require a higher level of maintenance than homeowners want or expect.

“At one home, the owners had a lot going on in the back with a lot of different kinds of materials, timber tie walls, different kinds of rock, and some goofy elevation changes,” he explained. “A big part of what we did was to simplify everything and get a much cleaner look. We did this by not using a bunch of different materials and removing a large, high maintenance water feature that they liked the sound of but not the level of maintenance. We put in a firepit and patio, creating a nice, clean, and very simple space.”

“We also addressed the elevation changes. I'm a big fan of elevation change because it can add interest, but in the wrong way, it can be busy and break the yards into lots of sections,” LeDuc added. “We opened everything up and tried to use the grade as best we could. Now the entire space is usable.”

Once a vision is set and challenges acknowledged, it’s time to choose someone to complete the project.

“Landscape is tricky because there are a lot of businesses out there and it's a little tough to get comparable bids. If we had a plan and gave it to three different companies, you would have three very different products that get installed,” he explained. “So, choose someone who you feel most comfortable with and who you think is going to bring the most value. It's important to do your research on the quality of their work as much as price. We really value the quality of materials and craftsmanship, ensuring our work is able to withstand the elements.”

LeDuc also recommends completing outdoor transformations in phases. In his experience, trying to accomplish the transformation all at once can lead to cutting corners and even compromising on plan details. “If it’s your forever home, draw it up how you want it and then keep investing towards that plan,” said LeDuc. “I feel like you'll be much happier with the finished product in the long term.”

Lastly, LeDuc wants homeowners to remember that landscaping projects only get better with time.

“Anything we do inside the home, like redoing floors, is at its peak as soon as they are finished,” he said. “What is neat about landscaping is, sure, some of the elements get weathered, but it really takes shape over the years. As designers, we have a lot of intentions, but really, the best projects don't really start coming to life until years after it's installed. It takes time for steppers to get lost in the ground cover and for trees and canopies to grow.”

For more information and design ideas, visit or call 720-762-1255. Also follow Duke’s Landscape Company on Instagram and Facebook for a gallery of completed and in-progress projects.

“If it’s your forever home, draw it up how you want it and then keep investing towards that plan."

  • The Duke’s team takes pride in creating breathtaking outdoor spaces, tailored to clients’ unique needs.
  • Owner Jon LeDuc, Duke's Landscape Company.
  • Each plan is unique to the homeowner based on intended use and long-term vision.
  • Duke’s Landscape Company offers more than 20 years of award-winning business and green industry experience for contractors and private residences.
  • Succulents and perennials ready for planting by the Duke's Landscape team.
  • Hardscape projects blossom visually over time as plants take root and grow.
  • Duke’s Landscape Company creates clean yet dynamic spaces with quality materials and craftsmanship.
  • Owner Jon LeDuc, Duke's Landscape Company with a client's finished firepit and backyard sanctuary.
  • Completing outdoor transformations in phases enables the full transformation to take shape, with plants aturing and getting better over time.

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