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Journeys of the Palate

New Wines to Try This Summer

Yes, it’s our annual summer adventure issue, but sometimes we’d rather just stay home, kick back and enjoy a glass of something tasty while relaxing with loved ones. For those evenings, we have you covered with a few of the season’s best selections, courtesy of Classic Wine Company.

Read on, and enjoy. 

2019 Mary Taylor Bordeaux Blanc
Price: $13.99
The Experts Say: Mary Taylor is taking our store by storm! Everything she helps produce is delicious and great value. This wine is made by Jean Marc Barthez in the Entre-Deux-Mers, from Sauvignon Blanc and just a tiny touch of Semillon. It is fermented without oak to ensure the aromatics stay up front — and, by the way, the aromatics are amazing: lovely quince, white floral and wet stone on the nose. The mouthfeel is medium and silky, and the finish is of bright acid and minerals. 
How to Enjoy: Try this wine with oysters or heavier fish, like pan-seared trout. 

L+I Rosé
Price: $18.99 for 4 pack
The Experts Say: These wines are made by Master Sommelier Emmanuel Kemiji. The grapes on the can are fingerprints, so you can tell these wines were hand-harvested. L+I refers to the "order of flow" in Chinese Confucian philosophy. We suggest pouring all canned wines into a glass in order to enjoy the sight of the wine as well as the taste. The rosé is a beautiful pink hue, and the nose is of tart, ripe berries, like strawberry or cherry. The finish is dry, clean and crisp. 
How to Enjoy: This wine is the perfect accompaniment to the pool, beach, picnic or back porch. 

2019 Le Morette Bardolino Classico 
Price: $16.99
The Experts Say: Le Morette sits on one of the biggest lakes in Italy, and they also make delicious wines. Chill this red down for about 20 or 30 minutes in the fridge, and then chug away. The wine is made from Corvina, Rondinella, and Molinara, which are usually the three grapes of Valpolicella or Amarone. The wine sees no oak in order to keep it fresh and bright — it has aromas of dark berries and mirabelle plums and is a lovely soft texture on the palate. 
How to Enjoy: Try this wine while grilling or barbecuing with hot dogs, burgers or even fish.

2018 Daou Cabernet 
Price: $26.99
The Experts Say: The Daou brothers survived one of the first missiles of the Lebanese Civil War. The missile struck the sidewalk outside their home, sending shrapnel into the house. For 2 years, the family recovered, then finally left Beirut. The brothers always had a passion for nature and rural life, and now they have it. This wine has a rich scent of blackberries, cassis, dried herbs and pencil lead. The taste is of cherry fruit, dried herbs, leather and crushed rock. The finish is bold with some tannin and nice acid to match. 
How to Enjoy: The wine goes great with anything from the grill, including burgers, steak or lamb.

NV Martini & Rossi Fiero
Price: $16.59
The Experts Say: And now, time for a little mixed drink for summer. This little aperitivo is made with 100% natural sweet oranges from Murcia, Spain and is a bright orange hue with definite notes of sweet orange peel. 
How to Enjoy: You can mix this with equal parts tonic water to make a refreshing orange spritzer. Serve over ice to keep it refreshing. Prosecco or some other sparkling wine is another good mixer for this aperitivo. This wine can also go in any number of other drinks, including margaritas for an orangey twist, an old fashioned or a negroni.

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