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Advice for Handling Life on the Rocks, Shaken, or Stirred

If you’ve ever looked at the list of cocktails offered at Kefi, one of Knoxville’s best Mediterranean restaurants, you’ll notice one of them, the Throw of Aphrodite, has a peculiar description. It reads, “The victor of the bartender monthly cocktail contest. ‘Throw of Aphrodite’ indicated the victor in a dice game thousands of years ago.” That’s right. Knoxville’s fiercest competitions don’t always take place in Neyland Stadium. Once a month, they take place deep in the Old City as Kefi’s bartenders craft their own specialty cocktails. After a taste test, a winner is chosen to be the Throw of Aphrodite for that month.

Like the Throw of Aphrodite, life changes every so often, too. Most of us say we don’t like change, but have any of us ever said we like monotony? With change comes novelty, freshness, newness, or whatever you want to call it, and that’s something each of us craves throughout life.

But change makes us uncomfortable when we’re not expecting it. We can’t choose when and how every change occurs though. That’s why it’s easier to be open to it, as we should, when we have a plan, a strategy, or a foundation that allows us to feel that we always have some control over the direction we’re heading. These are all built on a true understanding of ourselves, and our ability to adapt to uncomfortable change, that can only come from taking the time to reflect and determine what we believe, what we value, what we desire, and much more. By establishing this understanding, we build confidence to not only accept life’s changes but to embrace them and, sometimes, even seek them. (The Throw of Aphrodite is listed under Kefi’s “Bright and Confident” cocktails. I don’t think that’s unintentional.)

As financial advisors, we often see confidence like this developed through the financial planning process, whether it’s the confidence to fund an emergency expense, weather a market downturn, or adapt to an unexpected life transition. When you work with someone to connect your values and goals to your finances, the twists and turns that affect your money don’t seem as unnerving as they once did.

What I appreciate about the Throw of Aphrodite is that I get to have a new but familiar experience every time I order it. While new experiences can sometimes be just as uncomfortable as some changes, so much of life, particularly personal growth, occurs when we’re uncomfortable. That’s why it’s important to have a plan in place, so you can come back to center in those uncomfortable moments and make the most of them. Put differently, life’s going to send a Throw of Aphrodite to your table from time to time. With a plan in place, you shouldn’t hesitate to take that first sip.

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