Aeon Fitness and Gymnastics

Finding the Balance in Competitive Gymnastics

Although Aeon Fitness and Gymnastics has turned out state, regional, and national champions, the highlight of the professional careers of owners Stephanie Green and Amanda Lorenz is celebrating achievement—at every level.

The co-owners value the recognition of hard work and dedication as their students strive to achieve their personal goals. “Everyone who comes here has their own unique level they wish to attain,” says Amanda. “So, our philosophy is to celebrate each student’s earned achievements.”

How does a gym with over 1600 students, 300 of which are involved in competitive teams, manage to understand each participant’s personal goals? After all, some kids just want to have fun, burn off some energy, or learn how to do a cartwheel. “We provide recreational classes for kids who just want to have a good time,” notes Amanda. “There’s no pressure to compete—but they can if they have that desire.”

For those who wish to take their gymnastics training a step further, Stephanie and Amanda have created a unique competitive team structure that provides a customized experience for serious gymnasts aged 6-18 by offering five different competitive teams—two for men and three for women.

Each team is based on age and ability; tryouts are required. However, for Stephanie and Amanda, it’s not only about the gymnast’s skills; it’s about matching their students to the appropriate team to provide the best experience possible.

Aeon helps young children become mentally and physically prepared for and understand the commitment of a competitive team with their pre-team training program for kids aged 2-9. Once a child decides to try out for a competitive team, it must be determined which team will best suit them.

Each of Aeon’s five teams competes in a separate gymnastics league, varying in commitment and difficulty levels. Each league has a different competitive season, governing body, and rules. All leagues allow for both individual and team competition.

“We look at each child individually to help them achieve their own accomplishments,” says Stephanie. “We get to know their form, technique, and skills to guide them where they will be most successful.

Since training requirements for the different teams span from 1 ½ hours to 28 hours a week, and competition travel ranges from state-wide to nationwide, the commitment and responsibility of participation can affect the entire family. It also creates an extended “family” for the gymnasts consisting of teammates, coaches, and Aeon’s committed staff members.

We couldn’t do all of this without the talent and professional skills of our high-level coaching staff,” says Amanda. “Our coaches have extensive backgrounds, degrees, and certifications in dance, gymnastics, and fitness, and some have been coaches of national teams. We are one unified Aeon team with multiple leagues and levels.”

Aeon is a nationally recognized gymnastics center. All of their teams have qualified to compete at the highest levels with frequent appearances on the awards podium. Aeon was also recently named Developmental Club of the Year in the USAG League.

“Having the ability to place kids in the group that fits them perfectly really elevates our program,” says Amanda. “Our vision is to see all of our students achieve their own success and reach their own goals.”

Stephanie adds, “Our students are all excellent in academics. They do a wonderful job of balancing school, family, and life. These kids are special to achieve all of this!”

“I think this says a lot about our character. Not all gymnastic centers share this philosophy, and it’s a big part of our success,” says Amanda.

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