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Affinity Kitchens is bringing the outdoors inside with the hottest new trends in kitchen design. Designers Tamara Newell and Mia Silverman gave us the inside scoop on how to revamp not just your indoor kitchen, but your outdoor one as well.

Newell said that her clients are looking to create a more open feeling throughout the home, especially through integrating indoor and outdoor kitchens and living spaces. The most exciting item that people are using to achieve this is the addition of an outdoor pizza oven in monochromatic colors that match the existing landscape.

“If you’re going to do something outdoors, you have to have a pizza oven,” the designers said.

In addition to the pizza oven’s newfound popularity, the designers have seen more desire for shaded spaces and outdoor cabinetry that blends into the environment. Silverman said that metal cabinets, which were previously left with a stainless steel finish, are now being powder-coated with neutral colors so they don’t distract from the space itself. According to her, this powder coating makes these cabinets virtually indestructible.

Organic touches such as natural wood finishes, pops of color using cactus green, and large windows to let in sunlight are soaring in popularity. These natural tones, Silverman said, are helping people create a more lovely space to live in. Silverman especially enjoys the current green cabinet trend as a way to add color and connect to natural elements.

“It’s almost like you can pull that color right out of your plants outside,” she said.

Following the COVID-19 pandemic, Newell said that people are looking to make their space not just more functional, but more personal to them. She prides the company on its ability to design in a way that matches their clients’ personalities, lifestyles and needs. A greater focus is being placed on relaxing and enjoyment, making kitchen organization key for de-stressing.

When she’s designing for a client, Newell said that she likes to include a lot of drawers with different organizational features like spice inserts and drawer liners. Add-ons like sound absorption on cabinets and drawers have also risen in popularity as a result of people working from home since the pandemic. Her goal is to create a space that works best for them and gives them exactly what they need.

“We live in a really busy society, so we want things that are really easy at our fingertips,” Newell said.

The overall trend toward fresh and bright spaces continues to rise as the pandemic lifts, and the integration of indoor and outdoor spaces allows clients to maximize their space with nature in mind. This look can be easily achieved by selecting richer, more expressive design elements that complement the neutral color palette dominating the home remodeling space.

Affinity Kitchens is looking to make the most out of the indoor/outdoor kitchen trend, and takes careful note of their clients’ habits to help them create a home that truly feels like home.

“At Affinity Kitchens, we enrich home life,” Newell said.

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