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Aging at Home

What to Consider if You Want to Age in Place

As family members get older, many are choosing to age in the comfort of their own home. There are many advantages for seniors who choose to age at home. First, the cost of staying at home is often much less than if you choose to stay in an assisted living or retirement home. Next, you have familiarity if you stay at home which allows greater independence and comfort in old age.

There are many things to consider if your loved one is looking to age at home. Cristyn Kelly, Attorney at Althaus Law LLC, offers some legal insight if you are considering this path for your loved one. First, make sure your loved ones have Power of Attorney documents in place. “Be sure to have Powers of Attorney, these documents are important because you get to pick who you'd like to make medical and financial decisions for you if you ever can't make them for yourself,” Christyn advises.

“Also, a strong estate plan can help you:

-make sure your hard-earned assets go where you want them to, rather than the state deciding for you

-help keep your family out of court and avoid probate

-prevent aggravating disputes between family

-protect your property and valuables and ensure your wishes are fulfilled after you pass away,” Christyn says.

Aside from getting legal docs set up, family members will also need to consider the role they will play helping their elderly family member age in place. Some things seniors may need help with if they choose to stay home include:

-Going up and down the stairs


-Maintaining the Home

-Managing their health and medications

One downside noted for seniors who choose to age at home is the lack of social connection. There are many social resources available in your neighborhood or in local recreation centers and libraries. Look for group exercise classes or walking clubs available exclusively for seniors. Gardening and book clubs are also known to reduce stress and keep the brain active for the elderly.

Benefits to Aging in an Assisted Living Facility or Retirement Home

Many elderly are choosing to live in a retirement facility. Advantages to this type of living arrangement includes greater social connection, fresh prepared meals, medical support, transportation readily available, and participation in varied activities throughout the week. No matter what the decision, it is important for seniors to have their financial matters in place. For help with Power of Attorney and Estate Planning, or for any legal assistance, visit Althaus Law LLC at You can also call 719-249-2785.