Ahoy, Mateys! Your Cajun Boil has Arrived

Low Country Cuisine Shines at the Storming Crab

Imagine a cozy restaurant, filled with the sights and sounds of the coast. Spicy aromas fill the air, drawing you and your guests into a world of seafood delight. As you nibble a bit of succulent crab and wash it down with a cold brew, you gaze out of a window to catch a view of the high tide rolling in. Suddenly, you are whisked back to reality as you realize that instead of gazing at the Gulf Coast, you are just a short distance from Rivergate Mall.

This experience is a common occurrence for guests at the Storming Crab.

Since 2018, the Storming Crab has become the premier destination for diners seeking to enjoy the best in Cajun-style seafood. From fresh oysters to blue crab to expansive low country boils, the Storming Crab is the place to go for delicious seafood, great service and a fun, family-friendly atmosphere.

“We are a family-owned restaurant, and we are committed to serving the best food at a fair price,” says Jay Weng, co-owner of the Storming Crab. “Outstanding seafood, great drinks and superior customer service are the hallmarks of our business.”

Along with his brother Kevin and his cousin Nan, Jay created the Storming Crab concept several years ago. Having been raised in a restaurant background, the trio was destined to follow in the family business.

“We learned at an early age what it takes to be successful in a family-owned business,” says Jay. “We believe that only small, locally-owned restaurants such as ours can deliver the blend of great food and great service that our customers deserve.”

From its original eatery, the Storming Crab has expanded to eight restaurants spread across four states, including New York, Indiana, Kentucky and Tennessee. In Tennessee, the Storming Crab can be found in Madison, Clarksville and Knoxville. Each restaurant is managed by a family member who ensures that every guest enjoys the best in customer service. Regardless of the location, all Storming Crab restaurants offer up the same irresistible blend of seasoned, boiled seafood, specialty drinks and a true southern coastal dining experience.

“Our menu items are cooked in a Cajun-style similar to that found in Louisiana and South Alabama,” says Jay. “We boil it with special low country spices, and then we cook it further in a blend of butter and our unique crab house blend seasoning. The added flavors complement the natural taste of our fresh seafood.”

Along with its emphasis on taste, the Storming Crab is also committed to serving only the freshest gulf seafood.

“Seafood quality is greatly dependent upon freshness,” adds Jay. “We have all of our seafood items, including shrimp, clams, mussels, lobster and crawfish, delivered daily. Our seafood is always fresh, never frozen.”

The Storming Crab’s signature items are its combo platters, which consist of a blend of seafood, sausage, red potatoes and corn cooked together in a choice of boil flavors and spice “heat” levels. The combo meals are served in a large plastic bag inside of a bucket in true Cajun style.

Along with the boiled entrees, the Storming Crab also offers a wide variety of fried seafood baskets, fresh oysters and specialty appetizers, including its popular seafood bread. The restaurant also offers a full bar featuring craft beers, wines and signature drinks, including the Hurricane Jay, the Storming Rob and the Crawfish Bloody Mary.

This far-from-the-coast, fresh seafood tends to be priced at market, which can be expensive. However, the Storming Crab always strives to balance food pricing and quantity to ensure a balance for its customers.

“We work hard to manage our restaurants wisely so that we can offer our customers fair prices,” says Jay. “We always want our guests to have a great dining experience, and we want to make sure that our offerings remain affordable for the whole family.”

For Hendersonville area residents, there is no longer a need to travel to the Gulf Coast to experience great, Cajun-style seafood. Instead of a 10-hour drive to Louisiana, just pack up the family and take a quick 10-minute trip to Madison.


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