Cedar View Airbnb-A hidden retreat

From salty air to cedar woods, meet the couple who landed in Lebanon

When Landon and Meredith set off on a 10 month, 27 state, RV trip a few years ago, they never imagined they would fall so in love with Middle Tennessee. 

“I grew up on the ocean in Long Island, New York, my parents had me at the beach at three weeks old. My dad’s a boat captain and I always say I have salt water in my veins so never in a million years thought I’d leave the beach, but when we started to travel, oh my gosh, we discovered God’s creation was so much more beautiful than just the tranquility of the sea,” says Meredith.

“We fell in love with the weather, the terrain, and most of all, the people,” she explained, “Seeing farm animals on their land, in their natural habit brings me so much joy, I have the feeling of peace here that I’d get on the shoreline and it’s a lot less populated. While for Landon, who grew up on 11 acres in Michigan, this was like coming home.” 

Recently celebrating their 10 year wedding anniversary, Meredith and Landon Weiss love working together. Meeting as co-workers and best friends for 20 years, the duo telecommuted at the same consulting and talent sourcing agency, which allowed them to take off and see the country in a way most only dream of. Once they settled into their own home, they wanted to build something else together, so they found the perfect location in Lebanon, ideal for short term renting.

“We see this as a space for families or friends to gather for total relaxation, to unwind and reconnect. We’ve had many couples rent the entire house to themselves to get away, even if only from an hour away,” they explained, “Every time we get ready for our next guests, we don’t even want to leave.”

They welcome songwriters in need of solstice, have group options and will even work with guests to create experiences like wine tastings, company dinners and would consider longer stays for local business professionals or people moving to the area, waiting for construction, or looking for a furnished home temporarily. 

Landon explained that their dream guests are those who value a high end experience and five star amenities. Those who yearn for a time out, to sit and talk on the beautiful deck, play a game of corn hole, relax in the hot tub and hammocks, watch the birds, livestock and the sunset. Most of all we value guests searching for the serenity Cedar View offers. 

“We encourage guests to visit the square and wineries in town,” he says, “Our favorite things about Wilson County include the fairgrounds, the lush rolling hills and the small town with big amenities and amazing people. We give guests a little taste of local by providing things unique to the area like fresh bread from Lester Farms, charcoal from Seven Cedars Butchers Block, plus we always provide Heavenly Scents soaps and coffee from Split Bean Roasting."

"It feels like we're living the country music song where people slow down on Sunday, we ride down an old back country road, watch the cows roam and finds acres of freshly raked hay." Check out the listing at

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