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A welcoming, neighborhood spot to enjoy a family atmosphere

Aixois was born out of owner, Emmanuel Langlade and his wife Megan’s desire to create a space that makes people happy, which they have been doing for over 20 years. Many of the customers they have welcomed into this intimate, relaxed dining room since Day One continue to dine at Chef Emmanuel’s tables, requesting their favorite dishes, which he consistently offers.

“If I take one off the menu, and someone requests it, I will prepare it for them of course,” he muses.

Aixois is a classic French bistro in Kansas City's Brookside neighborhood, just a few blocks from Country Club Plaza in the Crestwood Shops.

“The idea and goal of creating Aixois was to become a neighborhood restaurant, so people can come through the restaurant for coffee and breakfast in the morning, then come back for lunch or dinner,” he says. “The Patio we created to resemble a Parisian café.”

Nothing is purchased premade, and everything is created fresh from scratch. They source their pastries, vegetables and meats locally. Pastries come from Ibis Bakery and Farm To Market Bread. (They have a very good relationship with them.) Emmanuel sources mushrooms from the local mushroom company, KC Farms, who grow all kinds of vegetables. He also works with local farmers, My Cool Planet LLC and Urban KC.

He tries every wine before he serves it. If he likes it, it goes on the menu!

“Our patio is popular due to the ambience we have created,” he says with a smile. “We have a fence, trees and grass, and it is very well maintained. It’s nice to see parents at the table while their kids are playing on the grass. During the pandemic, I covered half of the patio and installed heaters, and we use it year-round now.”

The artwork we have was done by local artist, Russell Ferguson, which adds to the ambience of the setting. Emmanuel loves the springtime, with the seasonal vegetables. He prepares specials daily for lunch and dinner. A favorite dish people really enjoy and request is their veal liver.

Many members of the staff have worked with him for 15 to 20 years, which adds to the neighborhood feel. He is flattered when he hears customers tell him they enjoy the warm, kind reception.

“There is nothing intimidating about my restaurant,” he adds. “We are a French café, without the pretentious attitude!” 

What does this chef love about his restaurant? “I love my staff, my customers, I love the location, I feel like when I come to work every day it’s paradise! My kitchen is open, so I can see all my customers coming through the door, the front of the restaurant, the patio, I feel like I’m part of it. I’m proud of the whole show. It’s nice to be able to recognize my customers. I want them to feel like they are coming to a friend’s home.”

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