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Alan Jackson's New Whiskey 'Tastes Like '90s Country'

Silverbelly Whiskey Is Perfect For Chilly Fall Nights

Silverbelly Whiskey is the new premium spirit distilled exclusively for and hand-selected by country music superstar Alan Jackson. Named after the color of Jackson's signature cowboy hat, Silverbelly seamlessly blends American whiskey tradition with that of classic country music.

“Silverbelly Whiskey contains the best of both worlds… Distilled in the heart of the bourbon trail but headquartered here in Tennessee, it bucks the current trend that a brown spirit has to be over 100 proof to be considered premium. A perfect combination of sweet and heat, this 91 proof packs a punch but also has brown sugar notes that makes it a quality sip for Alan Jackson fans and bourbon/whiskey connoisseurs alike.” - Silverbelly CEO Robbie Goldsmith

The whiskey batches are named in chronological order after Alan Jackson's 35 chart-topping hit songs. The current batch available in select states across the U.S. is called "Here In The Real World." It's smooth in texture with a medium-light body, and the flavor profile is subtle oak and traditional flavors of caramel, spiced apples and toasty brown sugar -- perfect for an Old Fashioned or a Manhattan on a chilly fall night. 

Silverbelly Whiskey launched in Tennessee this June and in only 40 days, it sold more than 20,000 bottles in nine markets across the US. Silverbelly is scheduled to be available in 40-plus states by the end of October. 

About Silverbelly Whiskey:
Size: 750ml
Proof: 91 proof with 45.5% alc/vol
Aroma: Brown sugar, sweet apple, cherry, honey
Taste: Sweet, smooth and spicy; bright fall fruits with a light, silky texture on the mid-palate; soft caramelized oak tones are met with a savory wood spice on the finish
Mash bill is 78% corn, 13% rye and 9% malted barley
SRP: $39.99