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Article by Babs Noelle / Brent Fjeldheim

Photography by Leanna Joy Photography

Originally published in Bozeman City Lifestyle

Bozeman boasts a wide variety of exceptional artists and business concepts. Alara Jewelry in downtown Bozeman is a perfect example, with its founder, Babs Noelle, being the only European-trained jeweler in the region. And while her education, clientele, and international awards are certainly accolade-worthy, her approach to crafting an experience is where she clearly shines.

“Obviously, financial success is a necessity, in order to continue to serve the community. So, we are all engaged in that endeavor. But the joy of Alara is truly found in our mission,” explains Babs. That mission, “Making you the jewelry hero,” informs every decision made by the Alara team.   Whether related to how they serve guests, to the special services they offer, the ethical sourcing of metals and gems, navigating the intersection of Old World craftsmanship and New World technology, and community outreach through notable philanthropy, the end-goal is the same.

The Alara team has grown and changed with our community. “As I stepped away from the bench to great extent, we were rewarded two years ago with the addition of Matt Longhini, an amazing goldsmith with the utmost of standards,” says Babs, with obvious pride. “His skill at custom design is exceptional.” Another bit of team news is that Alara’s manager, Chantell Bury, was recently made a partner in the business—thus allowing Babs more time for the creative thinking that supports the Alara mission.

Noelle adds: “I focus on how we may better passionately seek, provide, and create aesthetically innovative fine jewelry, in an environment that blends our serious commitment to technical expertise with a sense of joy and fun.” 

The result is a curated collection that is broad in terms of price, style, materials, and origin—presented both in the brick-and-mortar gallery and online. “We strive to have giftables under $50 to suit all sorts of occasions, as well as wow-worthy pieces that can be found nowhere else in the country,” shares Babs. “But the most important part, all pricing aside, is that the process be fun. It’s a shame that jewelry shopping has a reputation for being dull, dry, pushy, or scary. Things this beautiful, selected for a positive connection, should be paired with service that involves listening and education; not selling or pushing.”

Alara’s showcases are filled with jewelry that simply cannot be found anywhere else, making it a must-see on your next trip downtown. And Babs wants to remind the women of Bozeman, “...most of whom have a little box of unloved, broken, mismatched jewelry,” that she and team Alara are delighted to reimagine by repairing, refurbishing, replicating, redesigning, and/or re-cutting both diamonds and colored gems - to create a unique treasure you will love for years to come.

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