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For a cohesive look, match holiday decor to the style of the home.

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An Eye for Décor

Kristina Aldrich makes homes beautiful and functional at Christmas and year round

With an eye for decorating, an entrepreneurial spirit, and a Southern accent she hailed from West Virginia, Kristina Aldrich has followed what she calls a “long path of craziness,” to bring beautiful home décor to Fayette and Coweta counties.

Kristina and her husband Chris are co-owners of Aldrich Home, which offers a well-curated collection of products to make the home beautiful, comfortable and functional at Christmas and year-round.  Inventory includes everything from candles and greenery to unique furniture pieces and lighting as well as a smidge of boutique clothing and jewelry.

The couple's venture into décor started about six years ago after they bought a fixer-upper in their native state of West Virginia.  Kristina, a former banker, had recently left the corporate world to become a stay-at-home mom to sons, Blake and Mason. She dove into adding her personal touches to their home.  “It just kind of snowballed out of control,” she said. “I love decorating.”  

Chris, who owned a sawmill and had a newfound interest in building furniture, added personal touches as well. The first piece he built was a console.

Although the couple had no plans to move, as they looked for specialists and better educational opportunities for Blake, who has autism and a rare autoimmune disease, they found what they were looking for in Georgia. After renting for a while in Peachtree City, they bought a home in Senoia. “We’re used to a more country setting,” Kristina said.

Fortunately, the change of address didn’t cause Kristina to detour from her decorating path. As she decorated their new home, she also started selling décor and Chris’s wood pieces in several stores. When the opportunity arose to rent a storefront just two minutes from their home, “It just made so much more sense,” she said.

Aldrich Home opened in Senoia in 2018 and has already expanded from one storefront to two.  Chris’s first console sits behind the register.  “We keep it there,” she said.  “It’s kind of humbling –remembering where we came from.”

Their second location recently opened in downtown Newnan in a 19th-century building featuring original heart pine floors and exposed brick.  And homebodies can shop Aldrich home online at or by joining the Aldrich Home VIP Shopping Group on Facebook and shopping the twice-weekly Facebook Live sales. Everything ships except furniture, which can be delivered locally.

Although she gathers inspiration from everywhere, Aldrich Home décor reflects Kristina’s personal style. “I wouldn’t necessarily call myself trendy,” she said. “I like timeless beauty—things that will be beautiful for many years to come, not just for six months.”

She advises those clueless about where to begin decorating to go with a neutral vibe and then add their own touches.  “I believe styling and décor are very personal,” she said.  

In addition to décor, Kristina and store manager, Lisa Watson, offer multiple interior decorating packages that range from the whole house to single rooms. Want to decorate or update a room yourself?  Bring a picture to the store.  Advice is free.

Holiday Decorating

Although her home is neutral, Kristina believes decorating for Christmas is about being merry and what makes you happy.  “It’s personal and that’s what makes it so fun,” she said.

Into traditional Christmas, Kristina puts up three to five trees every year—artificial inside (she has allergies) and real ones outside. Placing ornaments in a diamond pattern allows her to decorate trees quickly.

“I have tons of ornaments,” she said, adding that most of them have been gifts. “It’s probably my favorite gift to receive because it’s personal.”

Each ornament invokes a memory and makes it to her tree. “Ornaments hold a story,” she said.  “None of them are replaceable.  Of course, I like for things to look beautiful, but there has to be an aspect of feeling in it as well.”

While Kristina believes decorating for Christmas is personal, she still has her own holiday decorating nice and naughty lists.

The Nice List:

  • Matching the style of the tree to the general style of the house. For example, don’t put a bohemian tree in a traditional house.  
  • Coordinating the tree to the room. Kristina recommends pulling colors from the room onto the tree. 
  • Beautifully wrapped gifts that double as décor. “I go to great lengths to make sure that every package is perfect,” Kristina said. “There’s something special about receiving a package that’s very pretty.”
  • Extending Christmas décor throughout the house without overdoing it. Kristina likes changing stems and garlands to pine, spruce and juniper, which can stay out through the winter; updating table linens and napkin rings in the dining room; adding holiday pillow covers to update throw pillows and adding blankets and throws for warmth and texture.
  • Pampas grass trees as well as black Christmas trees, which Kristina finds stunning against a white shiplap wall.
  • Christmas trains.  “Those are precious,” Kristina said.  

The Naughty List:

  • Christmas trees decorated for other holidays or seasons.
  • Themed Christmas trees.
  • Snow globes.  “Unless they’re very well done, snow globes are terrible,” Kristina said.
  • Singing ornaments and decorations. “I really despise the push-button things that sing a Christmas carol.”
  • Christmas décor that looks cheap.  “If something isn’t of good quality, I’m not going to love it.” 

Aldrich Home, located at 10 Village West Drive, Suites C&D, Senoia, and at 2C Jackson Street, Newnan, is open Monday through Friday 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. and on Saturday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.  For more information, call 678 -723-7250 or visit

  • Collect quality pieces to add timeless beauty to the holidays.
  • Pull colors from the room to the tree to coordinate Christmas decor.
  • Add neutral pieces to coordinate with existing decor.
  • Invite the holidays into the dining room by adding a beautiful centerpiece.
  • Adding greenery can extend holiday decor throughout the home.
  • For a cohesive look, match holiday decor to the style of the home.
  • Chris and Kristina Aldrich have made beautifying homes their business.

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