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Insuring the Future of Peoria

Alec Graham Helps Others Find Insurance Solutions

Article by Gretchen Pahia

Photography by Christine Andert—Picture Lady Photography

Originally published in North Peoria Lifestyle

Insurance is something most people don’t want to think about, but it is necessary. Peoria resident Alec Graham, an insurance agent with Country Financial (, has made it his life’s work to ensure residents get the coverage they need and deserve.

Born and raised in the Valley, Graham calls North Peoria the “proverbial shining light on the hill.” It is filled with families and business owners with diverse insurance needs. Graham hopes to fulfill all of those needs.

Along with home and auto insurance, Graham helps his clients with the entirety of their insurance options including personal, business and life insurance, annuities and business benefit plans.

How can you help our community with insurance needs?

Many people wonder: “How do I know what sort of insurance needs I have?” Let me be the one who worries about how to protect you and your future, the one who ensures your children have a college fund no matter what life throws at you and the one who helps you thrive well into the future.

I know the people and my local community, and even before I understood it, I’ve had my metaphorical finger on the pulse of my community.

Did you always plan a career in insurance?

Let’s be honest, no one really thinks, boy, I want to be an insurance agent when I grow up. I certainly didn’t. After leaving another sales position, I wasn’t sure where my career path would take me. However, I did understand my need to be fulfilled by helping others and making a personal impact on their lives.

How do you define success?

What motivates me the most are the situations where I am able to make a measurable, tangible, and positive impact on the very thing my clients use to feed their families, put their kids through school and keep a roof over their heads.