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Capturing Love On Camera In Middle Tennessee

Out of the social dessert that we lived through in 2020 came a photographer who suddenly knew exactly what she wanted to do. Like most of us, Ali Miller was quarantining last year when she realized she wanted to take her photography in a new direction to capture couples, weddings and love.

From Minneapolis, Ali grew up observing her grandfather who was a nature photographer and began snapping photos herself at a young age. Eventually, she realized she wanted to expand her horizons, and her talents grew with her over the years.

Ali moved to Nashville in 2018 as a concert photographer. “You’re photographing someone doing something that they love, and it’s very intimate,” says Ali.

Getting to shoot live shows and even go on the road sometimes seemed like a dream come true, but she says she realized there was something missing. During the pandemic, she had a lot of time to figure out what that piece of the puzzle was. “What is something that I’ve photographed in the past that has been that intimate moment that’s really given me the ability to tell their story?” thought Ali – “Weddings.”

Ali’s work invites viewers right into the moments she photographs. Beaming smiles and warm embraces abound in her images.

“I don’t want to just shoot your wedding. I want to document your wedding for what it is – a beautiful celebration of the two of you and your whole family,” says Ali.

Between musical artists, high school seniors, couples, wedding parties and more, her background in different types of photography is what she says allows her to achieve a level of comfort between the couples she’s photographing and herself. Using less posing and instead capturing more candid, authentic moments is one way she puts her couples at ease in front of the camera.

At every event, Ali assures that she makes it a point to talk to the couple and get them to open up and share their story. “I want to know how you fell in love. I want to know what makes your eyes light up because that’s what makes the shoot and the wedding so meaningful.”

The connections and relationships she establishes with the people in front of her camera lens are present in her photographs, and that's what sets Ali Miller apart.

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