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Sleek Luxury Comforts, Spa Treatments, and More Makes the Boardroom Salon for Men the Ultimate Grooming Spot That’s Tailor-Made Just for Mim

If the idea of spending part of the day getting lavishly pampered and primped beckons images of a girls-only day, think again.

With chic furnishings, luxurious spa treatments, and precision cuts, the Boardroom Salon for Men shows that the plush R&R salon experience isn’t reserved for women.

The high-end men’s grooming spot is crafted for guys seeking an elevated barbershop experience complete with sumptuous leather chairs, luxurious wood paneling, a pool table and chessboard, complimentary beverages, and a chill vibe. There are also flatscreen TVs to keep track of the game.

“The Boardroom Salon is designed to be the ultimate grooming experience for men in a modern and luxurious environment,” says Vicky Pena, employee engagement and training coordinator at Boardroom.

The Uptown Phoenix and Scottsdale locations are among the three in the Valley, with a third in Tempe, and among the 43 Boardrooms nationwide.

When the Texas-based company looked for the next region to expand its reach, the Phoenix metro area occupied a prime spot on its radar in 2019.

“The brand was positioned for growth, and we prioritized the Phoenix market,” Pena says. “We saw the demand for men’s grooming as a target market.”

Accommodations specific to the Arizona salons were made to give clients in the desert southwest what they need to look and feel their best in this climate.

“With the dry conditions, we see specific skin care and hair care needs to combat the dry conditions in Arizona,” Pena says. “Our professional stylists and barbers are educated to provide the right course of action for all hair and skin types.”

The signature service Benchmark haircut features a personal expert consultation, tailored haircut with precision neck shave, personalized shampoo and conditioning, scalp massage, pressure point facial massage, paraffin hand dip, steamed towel ,and stress-relieving hand massage.

When the Boardroom’s husband-and-wife creators Bruce and Heather Schultz developed the concept in 2004, they did so in an industry that was nonexistent at the time. They knew the men’s grooming trend was on the rise, and predicted a significant demand for an upscale grooming experience. In doing so, they pioneered this niche of the industry.

In addition to a la carte services, clients may opt for one-month, six-month, and annual memberships that come with the freedom of unlimited haircut services, 10% off all products and additional services, and complimentary referral Benchmark haircuts for friends and family. And, memberships are honored at all Boardroom locations throughout Arizona, Georgia, Maryland, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Texas, and Virginia.