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Jeremiah McCarthy is Passionate about Preserving the Beauty of Frederick County

Article by Laura Spencer

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Originally published in Frederick Lifestyle

A1 Tree Pros, a Frederick County tree and landscaping service provider, is committed to preserving trees and helping their customers achieve their vision. A person who chooses A1 Tree Pros for any project, from planting new trees to removing and grinding stumps and more, can expect everything to be done in moderation ensuring the best results for the health and longevity of trees and shrubs.

A1 Tree Pros owner, Jeremiah McCarthy, enjoys visiting a person’s home and walking the property with them to offer his opinions on maintenance, landscaping options and suggestions for types of trees and shrubs that would best meet their needs. Building connections with people and understanding their long-term goals allows Jeremiah and his crew to gradually work through a project in phases and help them achieve their desired look.

Planting New Trees

The best time to consider planting new trees is between April and mid-October. But, the type of tree to choose depends on individual preference. In addition to the overall ambiance, a person will need to consider the desired level of maintenance that they would like to put into their new tree when deciding which trees to plant.

Caring For Your Trees And Shrubs

After planting new trees, it’s important to nurture the saplings and find a good watering schedule. Jeremiah has found that people often have a tendency to overwater their new saplings—while, a person would be better off under-watering them instead. Trees are amazingly resilient and can likely grow with less water than you would think.

A two- to three-foot shrub generally will need a half-gallon of water about once every ten days. Plants will need more water in the hot summer months and not much water in the wintertime.

How To Know When A Tree’s Time Is Up

Licensed tree experts at A1 Tree Pros view tree removal as a last resort. First, they will diagnose a tree to see if there is any chance of saving it prior to removal. In some cases, tree injections can be used to treat diseases and insects. But Jeremiah has seen some species of trees planted in the Frederick area without consideration for how close they will be to homes after 20-50 years of growth—creating a possible safety hazard. Plus, it can be amazing how much a yard opens up after a tree is removed.

Sick or distressed trees will typically show outward signs of struggle to alert a person that it may be time to consider removal. The general rule of thumb is if a third or more of a tree appears dead or sick, then that tree is in the beginning stages of dying and should be evaluated for potential preventative safety measures.

Removing Stumps

A stump can be properly removed within a few hours. Once removed, many people will want to turn the area where the stump was into grass. Depending on how big the tree was, it is sometimes recommended to bring in screened topsoil to help replenish the earth.

Jeremiah recommends properly laying grass seeds in the springtime, and within 120 days, it can look as though a tree was never there. 


Safety is the most critical part of what A1 Tree Pros provides. From every cut they make to every tree they climb, the A1 Tree Pros crew is trained to approach every project with 100% certainty of predictable results—there are no shortcuts. Safety for the A1 Tree Pros team, their customers, and all surrounding structures are prioritized no matter how big or small the job.

Jeremiah McCarthy - Owner, A1 Tree Pros

Jeremiah McCarthy always had a deep connection and love for the outdoors. When he was growing up in the Washington, D.C. area, his dad would take him along on long, relaxing road trips through Frederick County. Together, Jeremiah and his father found tranquility out of the city, surrounded by the lush green trees at Gambrill State Park, inspiring Jeremiah to relocate and make Frederick County his permanent home. The community-oriented spirit of Frederick has made it an ideal place for Jeremiah and his wife to raise their two children.

Jeremiah started the journey of building his business, A1 Tree Pros, after realizing how unfulfilled he was with a career that kept him anchored to a desk. He knew his heart and passion were with the outdoors. Now, Jeremiah enjoys sharing his knowledge with people and building connections through his business. A1 Tree Pros projects have taken Jeremiah to unique properties across the county, providing lessons in Civil War-era history that one wouldn’t necessarily get in a classroom.

At A1 Tree Pros, each job is performed with preservation in mind from start to finish. Jeremiah’s passion for trees and shrubs can be clearly seen through his work. He provides people with simple options that won’t break the bank and takes the time to carefully guide a person through each step. Jeremiah and his crew at A1 Tree Pros work hard to preserve the natural beauty of Frederick County for future generations to admire and enjoy. 

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