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All Hail Volunteers

Buckhead Heritage recently announced the recipients of the Belle Turner Lynch Preservation Award and the Bob Helget Award for Outstanding Volunteerism. The organization strives to enhance the quality of life in Buckhead by identifying, preserving, and promoting its historic resources.

The Belle Turner Lynch Preservation Award was presented to Audrey Collins and Rhonda Jackson for their work with Piney Grove Cemetery. This annual award recognizes distinguished individuals, nonprofit organizations, public agencies, and corporations whose skill and determination have given new meaning to their communities through the preservation of their architectural and cultural heritage.

Piney Grove Cemetery is the last vestige of the Piney Grove community and the Piney Grove Church, which was demolished in 1996. A commercial developer acquired the property with conditions for cemetery access and maintenance. Despite zoning conditions, the condominium association has failed to maintain proper access and upkeep, endangering this vital piece of history. Rhonda and Audrey, who are descendants of individuals buried at the cemetery, established the Friends of Piney Grove Cemetery and have worked tirelessly toward its preservation by organizing clean-up campaigns, establishing a Facebook group, and advocating for public education and awareness. Audrey and Rhonda have been hands-on volunteers working to save this important piece of Buckhead history. 

Eleanor Baughman won the Buckhead Heritage Bob Helget Award for Outstanding Volunteerism. This award is given to members who have demonstrated volunteer service that is conspicuously above and beyond the reasonably expected duties and responsibilities of a Buckhead Heritage volunteer. Eleanor can be counted on to show up with a smile at every event, whether it's a monthly program at St. Philips Cathedral or the monthly program and events committee meetings. She can also be counted on to welcome attendees to the annual donor, holiday party, and garden tour events.

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Eleanor can be counted on to show up with a smile at every event.