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Three trending ways to decorate your home’s exterior for spreading holiday cheer this year

Wouldn’t it be nice if this year more of us were able to wrap our neighborhoods and city with that Christmas cheer and spirit? A festive home can be a reminder that all the good things about the holidays—like love, family, hope, faith, and giving—are still worth celebrating. When dressing up your home’s exterior, let your personality shine through in your choice of lights, garlands, accents, and colors.

Natural and Nostalgic
For those who favor the classic look of rooflines and windows trimmed in warm white lights, know that the investment in a quality light string product is worth it because timeless will always be on-trend.

After your lights are hung for this simple yet sophisticated backdrop, opt for natural elements to elevate the look. Hang garland and wreaths to reflect nature. Baskets filled with birch logs add warmth, while mixing textures that complement each other. Fabric can soften the look and add a cozy aspect to your design; look for something in burlap or white to follow the monochromatic color scheme.

So how do you advance this look from common to custom? Find ways to make it personal! Take that old pair of ice skates from Nana out of the attic and set them near the door. If you have cherished memories of sled riding, find a vintage wooden sled to lean against the porch or mailbox. Pick up pine cones and fill vintage crates with them.

Designers today are consistently showing their take on mixing old and new pieces. These smaller accents most often bring the biggest smiles; they allow you to reminisce and share stories of their meaning with others which is one of the truest meanings of the holidays.

Merry and Bright
There is an increasing number of Influencers and designers using bold colors for interior paint and furniture. If you’re the kind of person who loves incorporating color, like making a statement with your front door, why stop there? Bring that brightness into your color choices for Christmas decorations.

Try bright lights in unique colors, and remember to think outside the box, too. Wrap your lights around trees, bushes and cacti. Spheres can be hung in trees or lined along a driveway or path.

When it comes to deciding which colors you want to go with, decorators say there’s no wrong choice! It’s not just red and green that make something look like Christmas, but rather how you use the colors to represent the holidays: think bows, ornaments, tree lights, and wrapped boxes.

Of course, there are ways to keep things looking chic rather than chaotic. The professionals say sticking with the Rule of Three is a no-fail strategy for any space, including the outdoors. Try selecting your three colors from a master pattern or inspiration piece in the design; for the exterior, this could be an entryway rug or ribbon on a wreath. Also, don’t get caught up in keeping things even—the tried-and-true decorating ratio of 60-30-10 ensures your three colors are balanced but still give a pop for interest.

Cozy Entryway
While this year we may not be inviting as many people inside, the front entryway still sets the tone when greeting guests. For those who choose to only decorate here, try these ways to make it warm and welcoming—even if only for the Amazon and DoorDash drivers.

It’s all about layering, meaning finding a balance of different sizes and textures.  Start by putting down a larger, patterned rug with a festive holiday mat on top. This area is also a great place to incorporate fresh elements like poinsettia plants or small evergreen trees in planters for height. Set lanterns filled with candles or ornaments at the base of your planters. Then, position special holiday artwork with uplifting messages or your favorite Christmas song lyric nearby.

One trend that seems to be decking more halls (and front doors) in place of a wreath is a hanging basket. Some great fillers to help achieve a contrast of textures and heights besides traditional greenery are winter berries, metallic painted sticks, pinecones, and fabric bows or curls.

Finally, soften things up by adding cozy elements like holiday pillows and blankets.

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