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Stephanie Carbajal

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All Things Glamour and Sparkle:

A Spotlight on the Pearl Antler

Article by Aubrey Matson

Photography by Sarah Brooke Lyons

Originally published in Boerne Lifestyle

Just down River Road in downtown Boerne, just a block away from the Dodging Duck restaurant, you will find a truly unique gem in the realm of hill country boutiques. As described by owner Reagan Harris, the Pearl Antler boutique is, “a lot of glamour, some sparkle, a little sass, well maybe a lot of sass, totally outrageous, a spoonful of sophistication, always patriotic, a sprinkle of hippie and of course a dash of darlin’.” With such a description, anyone can imagine such a place must be bursting with vividity.

And vivid it is; the Pearl Antler perfectly embodies a vibrant take on the hill country look. This hill country look has its roots here in Boerne too: owner Reagan herself is a Boerne native and returned to the town after achieving both bachelor’s and master’s degrees.

Harris expressed that after she had been assisting her friends to start their own boutiques, she was inspired to establish her own. And while the boutique does its share of spreading sparkle and glamour, Harris sees her business to have a greater purpose of being a place where stories are shared and community is fostered.

But, returning to the subject of sparkle, the shop is well on its way to prepping for the fall fashion season. You can expect premier southern glamour for the upcoming season, complete with a bold 80s color palette and brilliant accessories. Hot pink and bright purple make their triumphant return this season in numerous textures such as velvet and satin-esque materials.

The Pearl Antler is here to prove that fall is not just limited to deep oranges and browns: it is fully ready to take a spunky yet chic take on the autumn season. And don’t forget that hint of animal print; as shown in these outfit samples, we can all utilize that hint of leopard print to add a touch of spice to your look. The same is reflected in the jewelry choice: there is nothing like a unique necklace or earrings to complete an outfit. Notice the Pearl Antler’s use of jade and pearls to create that final picture. With these dazzling features, we are certain to take fall to the next level. Needless to say, if you find yourself perusing downtown Boerne this fall, be sure to make a stop at the Pearl Antler for all your glamour and sass needs, and maybe even a good chat.

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