ALLO Fiber’s “Style” is LOCAL

This Nebraska-Born Telecommunications Company Works Hard To Provide Services and Support to the Community

Article by Alani Casiano

Photography by Delaney Morrow Photography

Originally published in Greeley Lifestyle

ALLO vehicles dot the streets of events across Greeley. ALLO advertisements speckle the pages of local newspapers and the airwaves of local radio stations. Your neighbors are ALLO employees. You may have seen them around, but you may be wondering who they are and what they’re all about.

Founded in Nebraska in 2003, ALLO Fiber is a telecommunications company that provides television, internet and telephone services through its fiber network. Since its inception, ALLO has expanded to 36 cities across Nebraska, Arizona and Colorado.

“We believe that all residents and businesses deserve access to a fiber-optic network that comes with speed and reliability that can keep up in the connected world we live in,” says Nichole Spady, the media buyer for ALLO.

Although it was founded out of state, ALLO has proven it’s locally-minded by placing a focus on hiring Greeley locals.

“We love hiring local experts, people who appreciate and understand the community and want to locally make a GIG impact where we live, work, play and volunteer," Spady says. "We love welcoming local advocates to the ALLO Fiber family.”

ALLO has made its home in several Colorado cities, including Brighton, Erie, Breckenridge and others. ALLO first came to Greeley in August of 2021 and has been building a fiber network here ever since.

“Greeley was one of those communities that aligned with a lot of ALLO’s growth goals by being really progressive and future-minded, so Greeley felt like home to us from the very beginning,” Spady says.

Along with bringing its fiber network to Greeley, ALLO has also brought its core values—being exceptional, local, honest and hassle-free—to the city by giving back to the community. This year, ALLO has sponsored over 50 events throughout Greeley, including Friday Fest, Feria de la Mujer and more.

“We just want people to know that they are our neighbor and not a number,” Spady says. “We love when people stop us as we’re going through those day-to-day activities, being like, ‘Hey, I saw ALLO in my neighborhood. I can’t wait to get installed,’ or, ‘When are you coming to my neighborhood?’ The love for ALLO is getting louder and louder in this part of the state and in Greeley specifically and we’re so excited for that.”

Although she’s not from Greeley, Spady enjoys feeling embraced by Greeley’s welcoming attitude, just as ALLO has.

“It’s so energizing to go there. The Greeley locals and the Greeley businesses, they’re all proof of why we chose to expand to this community,” she says.

ALLO’s community involvement efforts are made possible by their local employees and by their events and sponsorship team. This includes members such as public relations event specialist Ryan Roth and bilingual public relations and events coordinator Maria Bocanegra Tejeda.

“For the past 20 years, we’ve just had a goal to make a positive impact in each community that we serve,” Spady says. “We look forward to making a big impact in Greeley.”

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