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Members of the AHS Bowling Team

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Allyson Wright — Allen High School

Student of the Month

Ally Wright isn’t your typical athlete. In fact, she’s not typical at all.

Like many seniors at Allen High School, Ally is a stellar athlete heading to college on a sports scholarship.

But you won’t find her on the volleyball court or the softball field. She leaves it all on the lanes.

The bowling lanes.

The Allen High School bowling team has earned their place in district, regional, and state level competitions thanks in part to Ally’s love and dedication to the sport. 

She first started bowling with her grandparents for family fun during summer vacations. 

When she had to decide on a sport in high school, she remembered how fun bowling was and chose it.

Before joining the AHS bowling team, she averaged around 110 per game.

“Coach Cory Barber has been influential in seeing the potential in my game. He said if I was aiming for a college scholarship I would have to work for it. Challenge accepted!”

Through dedication and practicing with intention, her game has improved so much she’s received three offers to play in college. 

A master of time management, when Ally’s not picking up a spare, she’s working at her part-time job, studying to maintain her impressive GPA, or organizing meetings and events for the DOLLS Club (Daughters of Our Living Lord and Savior). 

How does she do it all? “I don’t watch TV,” she says with a shy grin.

Ally has a twin brother and an older sister who is very responsible. “Having that standard as an example was helpful.”

Ally has mastered the art of life-balance and has the wisdom to discern what’s most important.

“Life is so much bigger than today,” she says. “The lessons I’ve learned from family and through mentors and friends have prepared me to make an impact in college.”

“My favorite job was interning with the Plano Dispatch Center. It’s the main reason I decided to become a Criminal Analyst.”

What She’s Watching: Criminal Minds

“Some call it stalking, I call it investigating.”

Who She’s Following: Court Cases

“How could Lindsay Clancy do that and stay so calm?!”

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  • Members of the AHS Bowling Team
  • Ally Wright