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Alternative Energy Fuels Choices

The Time for Energy Efficiency Is Here

Consumers now have more available options in how we consume energy, to meet the needs of families that are choosing to become more climate conscious.

According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration, Ohio is among the top 10 states in generating electricity and is in the top five states in total electricity usage. In Ohio, our demand for electricity exceeds supply, so electricity is imported from other states and Canada. We will explore ways that we can save money, be climate conscious and help Ohio decrease the need to import electricity.

In the Driver’s Seat

If you are in the market for an alternative fuels vehicle, welcome to the driver’s seat.

By the end of 2024, there will be more than 100 pure electric cars on the market, as well as an influx of hybrid choices in a range of styles (SUVs, sedans, pickups, sports cars, and others) and distance ranges, to accommodate growing popularity. With more car brands offering electric vehicles, more charging stations and home-based solutions will become the norm.

Many financial experts say that choosing an alternative fuels vehicle decreases the overall cost of car ownership. In Ohio, there are incentives that you can use. For example, electrically powered vehicles receive a one-time verification inspection prior to receiving an exemption certificate.

Solar Energy in Homes

The Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA) reports that the Buckeye State ranks 28th in the country in solar; but with solar prices dropping 45% over the last five years, now is the time to see if solar is right for your home.

Solar energy provides a clean, green source to complement the choice of a clean lifestyle.

If your home is suitable for solar, not only can you save money on electricity bills and increase your home’s value, but you are also controlling your energy source for years to come.

You may qualify for an incentive or financing program to go solar. To look at Ohio’s incentives, visit This website summarizes the best solar tax credits, rebates, and programs available to Ohio residents.

Solar in 1-2-3

If you are ready to explore going solar in your home, has a step-by-step homeowner’s guide.

Solar panels are designed to work in all climates; but factors such as which direction your home faces and your roof’s age, size, shape, slope, and tree coverage are considered. These are just a few reasons that it is important to work with a solar professional. A reputable solar company will help you determine your return on investment (ROI)—based on your energy usage, incentive programs, and system costs—and be your partner on installation and activation.

If you and your solar professional find that your home is not suitable or you do not want to install solar panels on your roof, there are community solar options available. In a community solar model, you may receive monthly bill credits for your share of the off-site community solar array.

Smart Homes and Zero Energy Homes

Within our homes, many of us are looking for ways to use smart home technology to reduce our electricity bills, by automating home temperatures and using passive lighting and energy reducing appliances. Smart technology engages every household member to be accountable for energy usage.

An emerging trend is “zero energy” homes. Offering the highest standards in window technology, clean air, and ground to ceiling construction, zero energy homes can be located anywhere in the country, in all sizes and styles, from remodels to new builds.

From the cars we drive to how we choose to power our homes, energy choices are more diversified than ever.

Ohio ranks 28th in solar; but with prices dropping 45%, now is the time to see if solar is right for your home.

To learn more about the latest in energy choices, here are additional resources.

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