South Atlanta Auto Storage

A safe place for your second love 

Shiny, sleek and sexy are words that come to mind when one spots a hot ride on the road. If you're lucky, you may be housing one of those beauties in your own garage or dreaming of the next fancy car to add to your collection. But what will you do if you are running out of storage space? Or concerned that your prize possession is prone to life’s everyday mini-catastrophes? If your car is your baby, you want to ensure you’re always giving it TLC. 

With 40 years of expertise under his belt, and a deep love for cars, John Temple, founder and co-owner of Temple Motorsports, recently opened South Atlanta Auto Storage (SAAS). He houses car enthusiasts’ exotic, muscle, classic and vintage vehicles in a 12,000 square foot, highly secure, climate-controlled, wall-to-wall carpeted facility located in Tyrone, Georgia.

Following an early retirement as a Delta Airlines mechanic, Temple took a stint in the movie industry as a special effect and picture-car technician. It was then he met the car of his dreams - the Dodge Viper. After acquiring a large parts inventory from a fellow Viper enthusiast, Temple and the love of his life - his wife of 27 years - secured the storage facility in Tyrone to house four-wheeled treasures.

Cars at SAAS are surveilled by a fire and theft central monitoring alarm system that includes 16 motion-sensor cameras and a 24-hour on-site customer service personnel. As an addition, car owners enjoy a worry-free wellness check-up like oil change, tire replacement and wheel repair. Certain reproduction parts for the '92-'02 Dodge Viper RT/10 and GTS, the Tesla Model 3 and the '96 to '98 Lincoln Mark Viii are specially made by John for his customers. Car lovers can also source their next dream cars through Temple’s vast automotive network.

Xpel clear film paint protection (PPF) and ceramic coating provided at SAAS prevent flying road debris from hurting the exterior of cars during a regular run or on an open road, full throttle. PPF is an adhesive film that is nearly invisible when installed and lasts years without yellowing and cracking. Ceramic coating, which replaces traditional wax, enhances gloss, depth and shine to a car body. Both PPF and ceramic coating can increase the longevity of the outside of your treasured automobile.

When he is not working, John attends auto shows and races to stay in the know, for himself, and for his clients. “I am a diehard car guy who loves to be around the car community and people,” says Temple.  

For more information, contact or (770) 722-2587 and make an appointment.

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