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Isabelle Coppinger sculpture installation with Ida Floreak painting in foreground

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Amanda's Gallery On-The-Go

Collecting art can be intimidating - unless you know Amanda Goetze, owner of Goetze Art and Design

Article by Jeannie Tabor

Photography by Sarah Bell, Sélavie Photography

Originally published in River City Lifestyle

Amanda’s 1920s English tudor is the backdrop for her husband’s office and command central for their busy family and pets, while also serving as a combination museum and art gallery. In her dining room, a study by Carroll Cloar hangs over a Brunschwig and Fils wallpaper, chosen specifically by Amanda to best accentuate this beloved piece. A three-dimensional sculpture by Isabelle Coppinger anchors the wall behind the baby grand piano in the living room. And her favorite piece by Walter Anderson is a sweet surprise for powder room guests.

Amanda is passionate about art and equally passionate about helping clients collect pieces that they love. “There are no rules about what makes a piece speak to you,” Amanda says. “I try to help my clients focus on what truly interests them rather than what they think they are supposed to like.” 

And preferences change. Amanda discusses how her tastes have evolved over the years, including a love of more primal pieces by artists such as John McKie and Lecrue Eyebrows. “Life is always changing, and so it makes sense that your art preferences should change along with it,” says Amanda says.

One of the greatest benefits that Amanda offers is her vast inventory of paintings, sculptures, and works on paper. Clients are able to physically take the art and try it in their homes, versus just viewing it on a website.

Amanda loves helping clients diversify their collections through different artists, mediums, and regions. One of her clients is constantly changing the art in her home. Amanda is able to consign the pieces that no longer speak to her client, using the funds to facilitate the purchase of new pieces. Amanda provides lots of options for the newly bare walls, given that she represents a breadth of artists locally, nationally, and internationally. 

In turn, Amanda enjoys developing long-term relationships with her clients as she helps them curate their collections. “I’m happy to say most of my clients are return customers, which allows me to learn their tastes and collection goals and grow with them. This enables me to keep a keen eye out for them as I come across new pieces and artists.” 

Amanda’s love of art was nurtured in her home beginning at an early age. Her mother was a docent at the Brooks Museum and regularly exposed Amanda to art as a child. Her mother put images of paintings and drawings low on the refrigerator, at little Amanda’s eye-level, to look at every day. Amanda even met Carroll Cloar when her mother put his work on the cover of the Junior League Magazine in the early 1980s, and she still remembers the stories he told about his paintings and the people in them. 

Today, Amanda’s successful business is enabling her to fulfill her goal: “To help establish a new generation of art collectors who will share their favorite pieces with children and grandchildren.” Amanda loves nothing more than uniting people with art that brings them joy!

  • A Walter Anderson in powder room
  • Amanda previews new works in her dining room, with Carroll Cloar study hanging behind her
  • Isabelle Coppinger sculpture installation with Ida Floreak painting in foreground
  • A black and white painting by Lecrue Eyebrows rests in the foyer surrounded by lots of beauty in the background!
  • A handsome Burton Callicott painting surrounded by a collection of art, including a sculpture by John McIntire
  • An Elise Morris painting hangs over bench with Ginny relaxing nearby