Amen Corner Ponds

Amen Corner Ponds specializes in one-of-a kind koi ponds

  Known for their work around the community of Aiken, Amen Corner Ponds sure does know how to upgrade curb appeal. Ethan Hammond, owner of Amen Corner Ponds, had no doubt that this craft was his future from a very early age. Ethan started work for his dad’s pool cleaning company when he was just 13 years old, and when the business grew to cleaning ponds, Ethan knew soon enough that his passion was going to be turned into his career. In 2017, Amen Corner Ponds launched and has grown to be a successful company through the faithfulness of its customers and employees. 

  We know you are curious, so we asked Hammond, ‘how did “Amen Corner Ponds” come up with their name?’ You guessed it! While it is a nod to a well-known area of the Augusta National in Augusta, GA, it is also a name that Ethan and his father came up with as a way to incorporate their faith with their business. They find the integration to be an important part of what they do and they wanted to incorporate their roots. What a creative way to give honor to the area you originated from and incorporate a piece of yourself!

  Ethan’s favorite part about creating his one-of-a-kind koi ponds is all of the artistry and creativity that goes into building and designing the ponds and waterfalls. He believes it is not just about the waterfall or water feature itself, but the creation's ability to bring everyone together. It gives people a reason to gather together outside, immerse themselves in nature and enjoy creation in a unique way. Ethan Hammond wants his ponds to be a way to get rid of the distractions of the world and hang out around the pond while bonding with family and friends. 

  Amen Corner Ponds offers installations of water features, koi ponds, pondless waterfalls and soundscapes. They also offer maintenance on all of these installations alongside maintenance on fountains and decorative water features. Maintenance packages and spring cleanings are offered for koi ponds and waterfalls. One feature that Amen Corner Ponds boasts, is that it uses a natural approach to filtration as an alternative to the traditional, more harsh filtration systems commonly seen with water design. The process they use to build the filtration system offers you a low maintenance and more enjoyable water feature, therefore allowing you more time to spend with those you love. 

  While Amen Corner Ponds knocks residential curb appeal out of the park, they also know how to enhance the aesthetics of your commercial property. If you have been looking for a commercial upgrade, a customized Amen Corner Pond may be the answer you are looking for. This beautiful addition will offer your business a way to draw customers in and have them linger inside your business just a little bit longer. 

  Ethan Hammond would like to attribute the success of Amen Corner Ponds to his amazing employees Timothy Hajduk, John McGowan, and Conner Downey. Without their hard work and dedication to his growing business, Amen Corner Ponds would not be the company it is today. When they work together, they are able to create masterpieces for their customers and in turn, bring life and beauty to the homes and businesses of Aiken, SC. 

If you would like more information on Amen Corner Ponds, you can reach out to them by calling (803) 226-1002. You can also fill out a form on their website at

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