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An Academic Makeover

Build Brains While Increasing Confidence

Bubbly and diverse teacher, jump rope enthusiast and local influencer Mikala Silvestri, founder and CEO of Newtown-based Let's Learn Tutoring, describes the company's individualized instruction as an "academic confidence makeover." Designed to benefit students long term, programs are offered locally and online.

Subject Tutoring

"Subject tutoring for grades K-12 is a service that typically benefits students who are either underperforming or struggling to understand particular concepts," says Mikala. Students are paired with instructors who best fit their needs to form a connection. She says once students overcome specific struggles over a period of approximately six months to one year, they typically move to academic coaching.

Academic Coaching

At this level, students are ready to "build their brain and become independent learners," explains Mikala. This curriculum veers from pure academics, as students are “coached”-- rather than “tutored”-- to learn skills they need to be their best academic selves. Academic coaching teaches important real-world skills not typically taught in school. Mikala says it includes teaching kids and teens to become self-aware, overcome feelings of failure and self-doubt, and let go of negative self-talk.


Once academic coaching is mastered, mentoring is next. This teaches personal development and confidence-building through mindset shifts -- a “transition from academics to grow and become the best version of ourselves,” Mikala describes. This program is geared for grades 6 through middle school when students’ self-esteem is tested. And, starting September 2022, peer-to-peer mentoring -- with older students mentoring younger ones -- will be available through a curriculum co-created with nonprofit Level Up XYZ.


A defining feature of Let’s Learn Tutoring is its value-driven mission. Mikala emphasizes how the three values of respect, honesty and excellence are apparent in every program, from coaching to summer camp. In fact, Mikala's team even highlights online individual students who exemplify these values through academics or attitude, such as (current students) Trent, Ottavio and Izzy. Of these values, Mikala says it’s just as important to be respectful, honest and excellent with oneself as it is with others -- an important life lesson, indeed. Visit or call 215.208.6614.

  • Mikala Silvestri, founder and CEO of Newtown-based Let's Learn Tutoring
  • Trent:  A Spotlight Student

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