Style Behind Smiling Transformations

This Artistic Orthodontist Nurtures Both The Smiles And Souls Of Her Patients

Dr. Erin Fraundorf hopes to revolutionize the orthodontic and teeth whitening scene in St. Louis with her new aesthetically-driven studio, BOCA.

By bringing artistry and style to smile transformations, she's changing the way smile care is done. Erin says she believes, “Smile care should be approached like self-care,” which will give her patients the most luxurious, comfortable and enjoyable experience available.

“Your Smile. Our Masterpiece.” It’s a slogan Erin created to simply and eloquently describe her unique approach to smile transformations. She says she discovered her love of painting as an undergraduate. Now, she says, her “patients’ smiles are her canvas – each intentionally crafted with exquisite attention to detail, completely unique works of art.”

Erin says her background in art inspired the interior design of BOCA, as well as the studio's aesthetic-forward approach to orthodontics. “The space itself feels like a work of art,” she says. “From the second you step foot in the studio, you are immersed in another world – a complete smile sanctuary.”

Erin says she did intensive research before designing what she considers the perfect space for her patients. "From the relaxing aroma that softly surrounds you to the trendy lounge music, an array of refreshments, swanky whitening studio, exclusive private suites, branded patient safety sunnies and lavender-infused hot towels to refresh after procedures, the atmosphere is one of tranquility, peace and beauty,” she adds. “We understand oral care is intimate and that it may be challenging to share your smile, so we strive to create a relaxing environment to ensure our patients are at ease every step of the way.”

The lounge is furnished with plush, contemporary, resort-like couches and chairs selected with guest comfort in mind. The space is accessorized with lush greenery and tropical plants. The floor is light concrete, the ceiling expansive and exposed. The counters are a stunning Calacatta Gold quartz, and the walls are white and bright.

Erin offers an adult oasis at BOCA – a completely separate area for adults to lounge in with comfortable seating, a water feature for some extra Zen and a high-top counter with outlets for convenient phone charging or laptop work.

Erin outfitted her studio with “private suites designed within beautiful curved walls," complete with massage chairs, dimmable lights, and two televisions – one on the wall for patient education and one on the ceiling for Netflix streaming. “You may never want to leave,” she says.

She also designed light-wood, built-in benches along the walls of the suites to welcome family and friends. Growing up with both parents as educators, Erin says she prioritizes patient education and one-on-one interaction. Besides loving developing a relationship with every patient, Erin says she feels that quality doctor time is imperative for quality smiles. “I truly want to get to know my patients.”

The studio also prioritizes technology and sustainability. Completely paperless (other than its beautiful 100% post-consumer recycled business cards embedded with wildflower seeds), BOCA even has individual cloth towels in the restrooms instead of paper towels.

Erin says her obsession with patient comfort and quality extends to how she takes models of her patient's smiles. What is often done with puddy-like, gooey material, Erin does digitally with a top-of-the-line digital scanner and 3D prints the models in her in-studio lab.

Many orthodontic offices are named after the orthodontists who own them, but Erin said “Fraundorf Orthodontics” just “wasn’t her vibe.” She says her studio, mantra and way of practice are meant to focus on the patient, their smiles and their journey; and from the second they step foot in her studio, it’s about them, not her.

Erin chose to name her studio, BOCA — the Spanish word for “mouth” — because she says she believes patients are more than just a set of teeth. Erin’s approach to treatment encompasses the entire person. When designing and executing her customized treatment plans, she takes everything into account:  the individual’s smile, smile goals, history and lifestyle, among countless other factors. She says her “intention is to nurture both the smiles and souls of her patients.”

314.907.BOCA (2622)

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