An Artists Eye

Dr. Fortes builds confidence with skill and artistry

Dr. Paul Fortes takes an artist approach to his craft. With a surgeon’s hand and an artist’s eye for beauty, Fortes built a distinguished career in Houston transforming bodies and lives through cosmetic surgery. Each procedure is a one-of-a-kind work of art crafted with the utmost compassion and precision. 

“Having an eye for beauty, balance and harmony are inescapable from aesthetic plastic surgery,” Fortes says. “One who is at the pinnacle of the field is one who has both.”

This year, Fortes brings his acclaimed practice to the Woodlands. He and his team opened their third office alongside renowned cosmetic dentist Dr. Guy Lewis in Panther Creek. The shared office is a one-stop-shop for those who do not want to travel into the city for high-quality care with industry leaders. Fortes is now scheduling consultations, follow-ups, and services such as Botox at the Woodlands location. Major procedures, however, still happen at Fortes’ Galleria or Memorial Town and Country offices. 

Fortes says patients come to him feeling self-conscious about their looks or nervous about having surgery. Fortes quickly puts them at ease by listening to their desires and guiding them toward solutions. He is light-hearted and attentive, always thinking about what physical changes the patient wants. Some of his patients are moms looking to restore their bodies after childbirth. Other patients want to rejuvenate their face or get rid of extra fat. What Fortes offers, however, is more than skin deep.

“They come to me not just to restore themselves physically but to restore their feelings about themselves and their confidence,” he says.

Fortes’s reputation is impeccable. He is beloved by his patients who say their experience with him was “life-changing” and “beyond expectations.” Dozens of online patient reviews rave about his compassion, medical skill, and above all his “artist’s eye” for detail. Publications across the state have also taken notice. Fortes has been recognized numerous times as a top cosmetic surgeon in publications such as Texas Monthly and Houstonia.

But it is Fortes’s artistic perspective and wealth of experience that sets him apart from the rest. Since childhood, he was drawn to art. Over the years he is sketched, painted, or played the piano or viola. He is an avid art collector – with a special interest in portraits of the face or body – and even plans to hang some of his personal collection in the new Woodlands office.

Yet for all his artistic inclination, Fortes keeps the intensity of a master surgeon. He photographs his patients and meticulously studies the contours of their bodies. He over-prepares for surgery, mentally rehearsing each step and method until the process visits him in his dreams. And in the end, after each procedure is done, he hopes patients leave the best version of themselves.

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