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An Artist's Paintbrush

Peachtree City artist Kate Saville mixes bold and bright to breathe "life" into abstract animals

Oil Painter, Kate Saville, has chosen to rise above the norm, rather than fit in. Often, she puts aside the paint brush for the palette knife. Purposefully and passionately, she applies seemingly endless layers onto the canvas, in bold textures and bright colors. Saville’s artistic style reflects her core values - bold, authentic, welcoming.

“One of the most difficult things about being an artist and owning your own personal branding is evolving with your core values and existence while staying relevant to culture and personal growth.” Saville admits.

A Bachelor of Fine Arts graduate from the University of Georgia, Kate Saville founded Saville Studios in Peachtree City, in 2008. Known for her heavily textured palette knife strokes, the modern artist is often commissioned to paint abstract animals. Oil is used as a medium as it offers “purity and quality,” two uncompromising ingredients for Saville’s work. One hundred paintings are displayed in the artist’s new speakeasy studio in Buckhead, Georgia. Viewing is by private invitation. The 2019 annual Saville Studios collection, themed, ASH - Rising out of the Ashes - which centers on universal human traits - is set to debut this month. A national tour will launch in May 2020. 

Saville’s home art collection contains sentimental pieces from local artists. Charcoals by Mike Dillard; pottery from Rich Brown; and acrylic paintings by Steve Penley, Kate Saville’s mentor.

The Saville Studios’ motto is Omnes partus vobis. Momento frui. All are welcome. Enjoy the moment. / / 470-699-2003

Descriptions of the paintings:

Photo (of Kate Saville by Wild Peacock) by Rachel Koontz. October 2019.

Wild Peacock

The strong blues against the soft yellow tones conceptualize the bird in its natural element. The fluidity of the brush strokes brings out the bird’s strong personality of pride.

Oil on canvas

30” x 40”

Privately owned.

Structure (magazine cover)

This red and black painting depicts the energy and fury of a tornado.

This dancing red and black artwork conveys a Tornado at the height of the storm. The smooth red brush strokes in oil juxtapose the furious black droplets of acrylic paint as part of Saville's 2017 Weathering the Storm Collection.

Oil and acrylic on canvas.

30” x 40"

Available for purchase.

Great Dane "Ruby"

Saville is often known for her dog portraits, and is often commissioned for them. 

2014. Oil on canvas.

36” x 48”

Privately owned.


The elephant is painted with quick brush strokes and a full texture via palette knife. The color palette allows the audience to gather a sense of the regal nature of the elephant. 

Oil on canvas. 

24” x 36”

Privately owned.