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An Artist's Sanctuary

Painter Carole Foret takes us inside her downtown condo

As you walk into artist Carole Foret's downtown condo you are immersed in moody hues, vibrant artwork, and a mix of gorgeous antiques and mid-century furniture. And if you're lucky she will have jazz playing throughout. From the moment you step in, you feel the love that has been poured into her home of over 10 years. It is eclectic, artistic in every sense, and uniquely hers. 

Carole's parents loved furniture and decorating. Originally from Athens, her parents lived in 13 houses over their lifetime. Her father recently passed in 2023 and Carole inherited a lot of his pieces. "When my dad died in June, we had to divvy up his art and antiques. So my condo is a mix of antiques and modern."

As we stroll through her condo she shows me pieces she inherited from her dad as well as paintings from her aunt, another artist. Carole comes by her talent naturally.

"I was nervous living in a condo with limited storage and no garage, 'Where is all this going to go?' But it all has worked and some of the pieces like that painting on top of the armoire even have things hiding behind them!" She continues with a slight laugh, "Thank goodness I've never been an over buyer."

Amongst the antiques are gorgeous mid-century pieces. "The Barcelona chairs are among my favorites pieces of furniture. I had always wanted this style chair and a few years ago I got them, so they are special to me."

Foret's mother passed in 2012 and she points to her mother's Chippendale style desk as another favorite piece. "The table in the corner was my mother's desk and I just always loved it. My favorite chair by piano that I sit and read in all the time, I actually got from my brother and his wife, I love that French style. I just like throwing it all together."

"All of us took piano including my brothers, and I was the one who stuck with piano the longest, so I guess that's how I ended up with the piano." Carole has three other siblings, a twin sister and two older brothers. "We are all very close."

"My degree is actually in interior design. My twin and I both wanted to major in art, but my dad would not let us, so I chose interior design. And then as soon as I got the degree, I ditched it and started painting."

Carole has recently painted a botanical inspired mural above her bed. Her master bedroom is covered in soothing tones of creams, browns, and greens. A statue sits on a table at the end of the bed, creating a striking design moment. A mix of artwork hangs above the tufted headboard. Just like every other room in Carole's condo, the moment you walk in, you just feel calm and cozy. As if this home has wrapped you in a warm blanket.

A recent project Carole took on was adding the fireplace in her living room. Through a mantel ordered off Amazon and some paint, she created a captivating focal point that is now her favorite spot in her home.

Her studio is also in her condo. A large Elton John painting hangs on one side with a high back white sofa and various artwork on the other side. Two large easels and art supplies take center stage in the studio. Painting is the way Carole expresses herself. "Life gives so much inspiration through experience. Navigating the easy experiences of my 56 years through paint has been cathartic at times and sheer joy most of the time." Carole paints faces, figures, architecture, animals, landscapes, and even still life. Her style is unique, fairly loose, yet always striking. 

To create a home that is a work of art may seem an easier task for an artist, but it is something we should all strive for - to embrace our uniqueness and create rooms that exude personality and love. So that everyone who enters our threshold feels that warmth.