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Caroline Cecil Textiles Adds Original Art to Fabrics, Wallpaper, and Pillows for Truly Customized Home Decor

With a clean, modern, versatile, and approachable aesthetic, Caroline Cecil Textiles offers interior designers and home decor enthusiasts unique handmade fabrics, wallpaper, and pillows.

Headquartered here in the Valley with customers across the globe, Caroline Cecil Textiles’ collections begin as the original artwork of owner and founder Caroline Cecil and are then translated into quality, eco-friendly, one-of-a-kind home decor.

“Original artwork is at the center of everything we do,” Cecil says. “People love products when they know who is behind them. We believe in a careful blend of the artisanal and the modern, the timeless and the fashionable — that the most stylish homes embrace the personality and little imperfections of handmade designs.”

With more than 15 years of experience as a creative and textile designer, Cecil says that her home decor products feature the highest quality linens from Belgium that are then printed by small local business partners. Her main customer base is those in the interior design industry, but anyone is welcome to shop her designs.

One of the latest offerings from Caroline Cecil Textiles is the new DRIFT collection, which features fabric and pillows in a range of rich, easy-to-layer earth tones, and the unveiling of four new prints.

“Throughout the design process, I spent a lot of time contemplating how most of my artwork is inspired by an emotional state, rather than a place or an object,” Cecil explains. “The creative process for me is calming and centering, and that experience lives on after I finish painting whenever I see the piece again. I wanted to create a collection that would provide that same experience in other people’s homes, and the result is DRIFT.”

Next up on Cecil’s radar is creating a collection of grasscloth wallpaper, she says.

“My goal is to make designs that are calming, centering, not too busy, and can be mixed and matched,” she says. “I hope to create classic looks that can live in homes for years to come.”

Caroline Cecil has been bringing an artful touch home since 2014. Her first proprietary textile collection began with her grandmother's brushes and a pot of India Ink. That hand-painted piece served as the initial inspiration for her entire collection.

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