Scott Hamilton And Friends Fundraise On Ice

Join The Annual Scott Hamilton CARES Foundation's Effort For Cancer Research

Article by Sophie Brock

Photography by Ed Rode and Kathryn Costello

Originally published in Brentwood Lifestyle

Calling all music fans and ice-skating enthusiasts! Scott Hamilton and his friends are back and better than ever for the 7th annual Scott Hamilton & Friends Fundraiser for the Scott Hamilton CARES Foundation. 

This event bridges the gap between the music and skating worlds in a way that no one could have ever imagined and the result, well, is absolutely extraordinary.

“We create magic, and we let people step away from their day to day and step into this whole different environment, which is electric and fun,” Scott says. “The skating side of the show is going to be explosive.”

With featured skaters such as Nathan Chen, Katia Gordeeva, David Pelletier, Elladj Baldé and many more talented skaters, it surely will be. 

While these skating superstars are gliding on the ice, they will be accompanied by live music performed by some of country music’s most talented singers including, Trace Adkins, Deana Carter and Jo Dee Messina.

Don’t forget to wear cowboy hats and cowboy boots because this year’s theme is 90s country.

“We’re just trying to make it fresh and different every year so that the show is always met with some anticipation, some excitement, and you’re not just going to the same thing every year but it's great to celebrate Nashville for what makes Nashville Nashville,“ Scott explains.

This year, Scott Hamilton & Friends is on Nov. 19, and will be held at Bridgestone Arena, starting at 5 p.m. To make the show even more immersive, they remove the glass that divides the rink from the audience, truly making it all the more intimate. VIP and After Show ticket packages are available, starting at $250 each. 

After beating cancer, Scott created the Scott Hamilton CARES Foundation. CARES stands for Cancer Alliance Research Education Survivorship and this foundation has raised millions of dollars that go directly toward cancer research.

“We’re a very collaborative organization, we love to be apart of the cancer community in a healthy way, we’re not trying to solve this thing on our own,” Scott says. “We are just really strategic about funding very specific research that’s the future of cancer care. So much so that we put the stake in the ground three years before amino therapy research and we put that stake in the ground three years before the first amino therapy drug hit the market. So, we are very forward-thinking where the cancer world is going and we are very much in front of it as much as research foundations go, and I am very proud of the work we do.”

This show is something that is known to entertain, bring joy, and leave attendees wanting more. It’s not every day one gets to witness the collision of the music industry and skating world.

“It’s really fun to create a destination for people to come, and it's so different than anything else they’ve ever seen that it's memorable, and remarkable, and it’s unique, nothing else like it in the world,” Scott says.


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