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An Eye for Design

Learn how to create your very own fun and fabulous fashions

House of Dezign, which opened in Chatham last year, is focused on bringing out the creativity of fashion-minded children, teens and adults. “I’ve created a safe place for everybody to express themselves however they want,” says owner Roya Ranjbar. “Our creativity belongs to us and we should be able to express it as we like.”

A wide range of classes are available - all the way from basic beginner to super advanced. Some of the skills taught include tailoring garments, designing and making patterns, draping fabrics, and learning the basics of sewing machines and digital design programs. At the end of the classes, students can show off their creations on the “runway.”

“We have boys and girls and men and women in the classes,” says Roya. “We have young children, but we also have experienced designers coming in from New York City to take our classes. In addition, we have portfolio classes for teens before they enter college. We just became partners with Montclair Fashion School, so we bring in interns. I’m also invited to speak and teach their students how to pitch their major.”

This summer, House of Dezign will be offering camps and workshops once again. Each weekly session is focused on a particular skill, so students can take multiple sessions during the summer to gain a well-rounded design education. They can then continue on with additional classes all year round.

All classes are overseen by Roya, and the instructors are experts in the fashion industry. There are multiple instructors per class in order for students to have plenty of one-on-one attention. Each student is given a project and a goal.  

The talents acquired in the classes are life skills, but the benefits go far beyond that. Students increase self-confidence, gain self-esteem, and develop a sense of accomplishment. Roya finds it exciting to watch the students’ skills emerge and grow. “I just love it!” she says. “You have no idea.”

One online reviewer, C. Henning, commented, “My daughter absolutely loves it. Great introduction to the world of fashion. Clean, friendly, professional and trustworthy. My daughter is learning so much and enhancing her creativity level.”


With seven years of university training in fashion design and after owning her own design company, Roya wants to share her knowledge and love of fashion with others, “I realized how much I knew, and I should really pass it on to new generations,” she says.

During the week, the studio offers night events, such as Sip and Sew, and on Sundays, private events, such as birthdays and bachelorette parties, can be held. What a fun way to spend time with friends and family!

To find out more, and enroll in a class, camp or workshop, go to Learn how to express your creativity!