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How A Wellness Coach Guides Clients Toward Purposeful Living

Article by Geneva Maresma

Photography by Michelle Bastias

Originally published in Brentwood Lifestyle

How is Know Wellness Co. helping people discover the best versions of themselves? Brentwood Lifestyle had the opportunity to speak with Noelle Pinchot, wellness and mindset coach, to discuss her company's attributes. 

Many people might wonder what a wellness and mindset coach does. So, how do you explain what you do?

Sure, that’s a great place to start! Many people look at their physical health, mindset, work and relationship satisfaction as separate parts of themselves. For example, someone might not be happy with their weight, but they fail to connect that being in a job that is burning them out contributes to significant stress, and the stress leads to unhealthy habits that affect their physical health. My wellness coaching begins by helping a person understand themselves, and then giving them the introspection to see how all the pieces of their lives connect.  

How did you get into this type of coaching?

My own wellness journey led me here. When I was in college, I started working out, and weight loss was the focus of my exercise. After getting an exercise science degree, I taught fitness classes and then became a YMCA director, but I was still holding onto a mindset focused on external gains, like how I looked or gaining acceptance from others. I then began exploring more personal development and concluded I'd been pursuing my physical fitness for all the wrong reasons. 

I completely transformed my mindset to see myself as a person capable of learning new habits that could create life-changing outcomes -- more confidence, more energy and more control. With my almost decade of experience in the fitness industry, and equipped with my story and newfound perspective, I knew I wanted to help others uncover who they want to be instead of focusing on a list of things they feel they should be. 

What gains have your clients made after wellness and mindset coaching? 

Each client’s journey might have a different outcome. I see many people in this post-pandemic world seeking my coaching services for greater work satisfaction, while others are moving through relationship or other life transitions that have them questioning what they really want. Then, some people come my way wanting to increase their physical health. Whatever brings them in, clients consistently find that alignment in the situation that brought them to seek coaching, spills onto other areas. For instance, they start expressing they are better parents or partners. They may even begin to embrace beliefs that affect their income growth.  

If someone wanted to learn more about working with you, what could you tell them about your services? 

I love working with our Nashville community, but anyone can access my online services by visiting my website to schedule a complimentary discovery call. I work with most clients through comfortable and convenient virtual sessions, and I’m about to kick off open enrollment for an eight-week transformational program. Using tools like books, assignments, regular guided discussions and Enneagram, my clients move forward on a guided path that opens self-discovery. 

Do you offer any group sessions?

Yes, I enjoy working with groups and offer several options, like Enneagram parties, speaking engagements and corporate wellness training. With the climate of our job market, employers see that people want to be recognized as more than workers. So, when companies invest in wellness programs, they retain employees who feel better, work happier, and are more productive.