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An Interview with Interior Designer Laura Jenkins

Creating a Stylish and Functional Home for Families with Children and Pets

Creating a stylish and functional home while accommodating the needs of children and pets can be a challenge. Fortunately, homeowners can find guidance and expertise from Laura Jenkins, an interior designer and co-owner of Sicara Design, who brings valuable firsthand experience as a mother of two young children.

Can you share some practical tips or strategies for incorporating child-friendly and pet-friendly elements into interior design?

One effective approach is to utilize textures and patterns to hide spills and stains. By selecting performance fabrics and using non-toxic stain removers like Organic Chix, you can ensure that your space remains both visually appealing and easy to maintain. 

When creating a family-friendly space, are there specific materials, furniture, or accessories that you recommend?

I always recommend opting for non-toxic materials in family spaces. 

Are there any exciting trends or innovative ideas in the field of interior design for families with kids and/or pets?

I think sustainable design is finally on the rise and catching the attention of many. People are more savvy to eco-friendly materials and where they are sourcing things from. I find that many clients want to invest in pieces that they feel good about on the whole, pieces that will last a lifetime and provide a timeless element in their homes.

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  • Laura Jenkins of Sicara Design

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