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An Intimate Music Experience

Join in the fun at Steamer Lane Music with owners Ken and Peggy Kujawa

What was your experience like with opening Steamer Lane Music?

“We first opened to the public during COVID, when we felt musicians and audiences needed an outdoor space to come together and try to feel normal again. We reached out to Shake Russell who we had been fans of since the ‘70s. We were shocked that he would be interested in playing on our little stage, but it all fell into place and it was just a magical moment.”

How would you say that opening night drove you to where you are today?

“Shake Russell was so complementary to the venue. He went over his set time by over an hour. The energy was unmatched, and it really set the bar for what was possible and what this could all be. It showed us that this experience was something we could continue giving to the public. The shows, the musicians, the audiences… They have all been remarkable and unforgettable ever since.”

What can someone expect when they visit Steamer Lane Music?

“On a Friday or Saturday night, you’ll hear lots of woo-ing and clapping. You’ll see kids running laps around the beautiful property, and people in chairs and sitting on blankets. Depending on the night, there are typically local food trucks, but it’s always BYOB. We can’t forget to mention the giant seesaw and the purple bathroom featuring art from none other than the king of surf, Corky Carroll! You’ll always find little hidden gems.”

Do you have a favorite part about sharing live music with Cedar Park?

“There is a unique energy and experience that comes with live music. People are brought together in that specific moment, creating a sense of community that can only be found at a live show. At Steamer Lane, we always intend to provide an experience centered around the music and the musicians. Here, people interact with the musicians, dance, and fully immerse themselves in the artistry happening on stage.”

Keep up with the show schedule at (designed by Skyler Nelson) so that you can get your tickets before the doors open at 603 Brushy Creek Rd, Cedar Park.