Anaheim Hills Pet Clinic, Passionate Pet-Minded Professionals

APHC believes in teamwork and doing all necessary for the care of your pets.

People are passionate about their pets—and with good reason! Loyal, loving canine, cat, and exotic companions are there for us consistently, and they deserve the best care and treatment possible as a reward for their utter lovability in return.

Anaheim Hills Pet Clinic believes in this sentiment wholeheartedly. These passionate, pet-minded professionals aren’t about to let a global pandemic slow them down—business at AHPC is booming.

All services are in full swing, and the AHPC team has never been happier spending their days doing what they love—caring for all animals by any means necessary.

How have they managed to flourish in troubled times? The answer is simple—teamwork! Working to push one another and persevering through any pandemic-related setbacks has been the key motivator in such unprecedented circumstances. Working as a family for your pets—who are nothing short of family members themselves—is what makes them tick.

Pet owners in the Orange County area flock to AHPC when they refuse to settle for less than giving their furry friends anything less than the royal treatment.

Top-tier veterinarian services span everything from acupuncture, X-rays, CT scans, surgeries, dental cleanings, chiropractic needs, and cold laser therapy to the clinic’s expansion into grooming amenities and resort-style accommodations with their innovative Doggiestylez facility.

At Doggiestylez’s grooming and boarding space, cleanliness is key with precision-minded nail trims, de-shedding treatments, ear cleanings, dye-jobs, whimsical summer hairstyles, and blowouts sure to impress their peers all summer long.

Want to kick the pet pampering up a notch? Indulge in a luxurious bath, featuring a blueberry facial scrub or sumptuous deep-conditioning treatment.

The AHPC team takes your pet’s mental health needs seriously, as well. If your dog or cat is particularly timid or anxious, staff members will set aside any extra time needed to ensure your pet’s (and you're) peace of mind.

Now that travel is picking back up, AHPC is a happy haven for dogs, cats, and even exotic animals to reside in style for the duration of your excursion with their vacation-minded accommodations. Recent guests have included an array of rabbits, rats, and reptiles.

Exotic pet owners can feel confident that the level of exceptional care and expertise provided to cats and dogs extends to each and every pet entrusted to their care.

Blissful boarding services start with a flat daily or nightly rate and include options for extended stays, doubling up with pet siblings, and spending quality time with trained staff for an added dose of comfort.

“Fear-free” staycations are guaranteed to provide your pet with unlimited attention, affection, and luxe lounging opportunities. No stone is left unturned when it comes to assessing your pet’s needs are in order to thrive in your absence—for daily visits (known as “doggy daycare”) or more extended stays.

Dog relish in regular walks and playgroup opportunities for social butterflies. Kong treats, extended playtime, and too-cute-for-words “cuddle time” give all the comforts of home in a relaxed-yet-structured setting.

Feline friends relax in their own personal “VaCATion Condo” room, complete with lots of staff interaction, a TV, plush bedding, and toys to promote active play. Cat “trees” encourage healthy stretching and playing, as well.

Although cats are known to be less-than-fond of baths, this service can be requested for an added fee.  

It’s no wonder AHPC has been voted as LA Times Orange County’s “Best Veterinarian” and “Favorite Boarding, Grooming, and Daycare” by dedicated customers.

Customer referrals, accolades, and repeat business are all a testament to the commitment of the AHPC staff to providing unmatched animal care and services in the Orange County area.

When you’re on the hunt for a professional, passionate facility that goes the extra mile for all animals, Anaheim Hills Pet Clinic is the full-service, one-stop-shop prepared for any of your pet-related needs.

From the highest-quality veterinary care hospital to unique grooming services and boarding accommodations that leave no room for worries, AHPC is ready to welcome you—and your beloved pets—with open arms.

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