Ancient Healing

Traditional Thai massages provide relaxation and healing

Enjoy getting massages but want to try something different? Have you heard of Thai Massage? No? Well, meet Anjelica “Jel” Rosario, owner of The Sunny Orchid Thai Bodywork & Massage, who is on a mission to spread the knowledge and healing benefits of traditional Thai Massage throughout the CSRA. “The Thai name for it is nuad bo-rarn, which means ancient massage. It’s actually recognized as part of UNESCO’s Representative List of Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity and is a protected modality,” says Jel.

     So, what can you expect during a Thai massage?  Unlike a Swedish massage that you would receive on the table, a client receiving Thai massage is treated on a large floor mat fully clothed in comfortable and loose attire. Jel takes the client’s body through a series of warm up compressions and stretches before moving the client into the powerful yoga like extensions.  “A lot of people think Thai massage is just stretching, but it’s more than that. You get the benefits of acupressure, increased blood flow, relaxation, better and deeper sleep, as well as lower back pain relief,” says Jel. 

      Thai massage is wonderful for people who are looking to gain better mobility, improved body alignment and even relaxation despite the amount of movement and stretching involved.  “I’ve had people who were a little intimidated because they might have seen one of the extreme videos of people getting contorted into uncomfortable positions. I say all the time that I will only do what your body will let us do. The more sessions you have, the more you will find that your body is more open and willing to receive the dynamic flows and stretches,” says Anjelica. “I help facilitate your body’s own ability to heal itself.” 


For more information about The Sunny Orchid Thai Bodywork & Massage and services available, please visit them on Facebook and Instagram. To schedule a traditional Thai massage with Jel, visit the-sunny-orchid.square.site.

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