aNu Aesthetics and Optimal Wellness

Physician-Run Med spa Offers Personalized Self-Care, Wellbeing & Renewed Health

Dr. Cristyn Watkins and her staff at aNu Aesthetics(™) and Optimal Wellness are committed to treating the whole person—both the inside and the outside.  They offer much more than just aesthetics in our KC community. 

“Our entire practice is focused on advanced medical aesthetics, regenerative medicine, healthy aging, and personalized wellness to treat the whole person––mind, body and spirit,” Dr. Watkins says.

As Founder, CEO, Owner and Medical Director, Dr. Watkins opened aNu Aesthetics(™) and Optimal Wellness in 2011 in Kansas City North and now has two more locations in River Market and Leawood. 

“At aNu, we are literally giving people their lives and vitality back,” Dr. Watkins says. “We have an ultimate commitment to each and every patient to offer a customized and personalized treatment plan to help them reach their unique wellness and aesthetics goals.”

Born and raised in KC, this married mother of three practiced traditional Family Medicine for more than 10 years while struggling with her own chronic health issues. In 2006, after the birth of her twin girls, her health continued to decline, and she couldn’t find answers in traditional medicine. Through her personal search, she discovered Functional and Regenerative Medicine to help heal herself and others. Today, she is double board-certified in Family Medicine and Integrative, Metabolic, and Nutrition Medicine. She continues to speak and train nationally, while also training her advanced medical team on cutting-edge therapies.  

aNu offers a wide range of Med Spa and Wellness treatments, including Platelet-rich Plasma (PRP), Ozone, Peptides, IV Nutritional Therapy and Advanced Biologics, along with cosmetic injectables, advanced lasers, aesthetic and skin care services.  Dr. Watkins even has her own line of medical grade skincare and supplements named ‘aNu MD’. 

“We are set apart from others with my 100% involvement in the daily aspects of my three locations, working alongside our advanced medical and aesthetic staff of MD’s, NMD’s, APRN’s, RN’s, LPN’s, LE’s and MA’s – with more than any other in the region.

I am constantly researching and training—finding the newest innovations and cutting-edge treatments for patients. Everything I do is a result of evidence-based medicine. I’ve never had anyone wish they did not invest in their own wellness because they feel better within 3 months!

We look for the root cause of disease, pain, inflammation, hormone imbalance, and chronic infections, and we treat the actual cause rather than the symptoms. We treat irritable bowel syndrome, autoimmune disease, chronic infections (Lyme, Mold, Epstein Barr Virus, etc.), toxins, endocrine/hormonal issues, infertility, insulin resistance/polycystic ovarian syndrome, anxiety/depression, medical weight loss, and more,” she states. “We also help REgenerate tissues, muscles, ligaments and joints with PRP, Ozone and Biologics—unlike surgery and steroid shots that can cause DEgeneration. We also help treat entire organ systems including the brain for MS, dementia, and Parkinson’s with NAD+ and other advanced IV therapies. We are equipped with the facilities and experience to deliver world-class treatment and care.”

The wide array of trend-setting aesthetic treatments includes dozens of services for the face and body that she has personally brought into each location to serve all patients’ needs: “I love helping people feel confident with aesthetics and allowing the inside and outside to finally match how we feel and what we want to project.”  

One of our most popular benefits is the VIP membership plan.  It is $150 per month but pays back patients with $100 a month in SPA BANK, a personal savings account! In effect, an $1,800 annual membership fee returns $1,200 of credit back to patients to use on all services and retail, a FREE monthly self-care treatment such as facials, B12 shot, LED, Sauna and more, PLUS 10% off all products and services.

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