Apricot Lane Has Local Flare

Apricot Lane Boutique may be a chain, but owner Amber Sartain has made sure it definitely has a local flare. “We are a locally owned franchise and I personally make sure I do all the purchasing for the boutique,” Amber said. “Everything from lip-gloss to jeans to sweaters, I pick it all out myself.” The franchise gives her a pool of vendors, some branded, some not, and she said she likes to pick items that bring the newest trends to Bozeman. “I watch a lot of tiktok videos and Instagram videos to see what the newest styles are that are popular, and then I order from a lot of Los Angeles markets.” Amber wants the community to know that Apricot Lane is a small business, and that not all small businesses are downtown–the boutique is in the Gallatin Valley Mall. “We are really into community events and we like to have what people need and are looking for when it comes to those events,” she said. For example, if Amber finds out there is going to be a party with a specific dress theme, like a “Blue Ball,” she will make sure Apricot Lane has a huge selection of blue dresses in plenty of time for the ball. The boutique always has sales going on, and Amber encourages shoppers to come to her with any custom orders they have as well. “I may not have it, but I can always look for it!” For more information on Apricot Lane Boutique, you can follow Amber on Instagram at albbozeman

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