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Learn from Operations Manager Casey Hummell how Good Guys Tree Service keeps your trees thriving

Casey Hummell is a Good Guy through and through. In fact, the only tree care company he has ever worked with is Good Guys Tree Service. Over the years, he has loved seeing it grow and ensuring that their team lives up to its name.

To show just how much they prioritize credibility and reliability when it comes to their services, Good Guys is made up of Certified Arborists, per the International Society of Arboriculture. The crew has earned this designation through industry experience and degrees, a comprehensive exam, and continuing education activities every three years.

“This industry is relatively new in its creation as far as studying and figuring out what’s going on. Back in the day, if you had a tree problem, you asked your neighbor,” says Hummell. “But things have changed a lot. I’ve been in the industry for about 12 years and I’ve already seen several things that were once standard practice that now you don’t do because of the latest research.”

With drought on our state’s shoulders, it’s historically been a necessity for Texas arborists to know ways to help trees retain moisture. However, Hummell recalls the winter storm of 2021 causing never-before-seen tree health issues, spurring greater education on acclimation and compartmentalization of local tree types.

Beyond that, Good Guys stays knowledgeable about problems like over-pruning, under-watering, and getting through oak wilt season which going on now until July 1st.

“We work on the health of the tree, hopefully giving it enough energy and resources where it can use its own internal defenses to seal any open wounds,” says Hummell. “Mother Nature is really good and I try not to go against her, but sometimes she needs a little help.”

Keep your trees robust with Good Guys Tree Service! Learn more at:

Deep Root Fertilization Insight: “You need healthy roots! They want oxygen, moisture, and nutrients. We use a high-pressure applicator gun that breaks up the soil to help with root growth. We also have a hormone in the solution that stimulates root growth. It’s important when we hit high summer temperatures.”

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