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Are you still in love with your home?

Relationships take time and patience, the same goes for the relationship between home and owner

Chances are when you met your home it made you weak in the knees. You were determined, even intoxicated, by the promise of the perfect relationship. You went forth and dutifully created your Pinterest boards, downloaded the top 10 most popular paint colors, scoured magazines, Instagram accounts, and blogs for inspiration. You’re 100% committed.

If you are like most people, then somewhere along the way the relationship became stale, and the vision for your new space and new life sputtered out. Somewhere between “I got this” and “I’m just not feeling it anymore” the passion dissolved. There was a big (50 shades of) grey period where maybe you became overwhelmed, intimidated, discouraged, or just too busy to re-invest and you were not brave enough to admit it.  I am guessing you broke up. You disengaged.

All puns aside, much like real-life relationships, you do have a relationship with your home, and it requires an investment of your TLC. Your home is not unlike your heart, it is your center, your life center. It is where you eat, sleep, laugh, cry, motivate yourself, recharge, sing in the shower, and drink wine in the tub! Why not give it all the love it deserves, it wants to be your partner and it is surprisingly open to your suggestions!

Here is my shortlist to help you fall in love again:

·         Live your best life – appreciating that it all starts at home.

·         Be efficient and purposeful at home.

·         Edit the items you do not like or use

·         Your home should reflect your personality 100%

·         Surround yourself with your favorite colors and your most comfortable accoutrements, your best wardrobe, and beautiful things that make your heart sing.

·         Emerge yourself in learning how to live your best life; entertain, sleep, dress, and live with passion.

·         Layer on the love; what is more interesting than creating layers of décor, or as fun and uplifting as an exciting wardrobe refresh, and what better confidence booster than presenting your meals on a stunning tabletop that wows your guests and has you beaming with pride?

·         Create a total home experience. Do not just live your space, love every minute of it

In conclusion, your home is your touchstone. Create a mutually loving relationship with it and you will soon see the many benefits you and your family will reap. Make your life beautiful, refreshing, and exciting, and elevate yourself in the process. Let the passion return!

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