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Kevin Illingworth, Classique Worldwide Transportation, CEO, and his son Cameron at MLS Event

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Arrive in Style with Classique Worldwide Transportation

Orange County’s premier transportation service offers luxury vehicles for any occasion or group size.

Nothing says a night to remember like arriving at a special event in high style. Classique Worldwide Transportation’s clients always travel in comfortable decadence, making an elegant entrance for any occasion.

Classique is a world-class ground transportation company in Orange County, with a fleet that features the finest sedans, SUVs, limousines, Sprinters, Mini-Coaches, and Motor Coaches to accommodate any group size.

President and CEO Kevin J. Illingworth started the company 33 years ago, when, frustrated by a no-show limousine experience with his friends, he decided to build a dependable business that meets and exceeds client expectations.

“At first, I was mad,” he recalls of the incident that set his entrepreneurial wheels in motion.

“I thought, how hard could it be to show up and drive people around for the night? Within a week, I bought my first limousine. I started out booking runs with friends who also started referring others to me. Before I knew it, I had purchased two more limousines and was busy every weekend, providing transportation for weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, and evenings out.”

The business was booming until the tragic events of September 11, 2001, brought things to a screeching halt.

“No one was going out—people were afraid of crowds, and I had to reinvent my business,” he remembers. “I decided to focus on corporate business. I joined my local Chamber of Commerce, I gave my card out to everyone I met, cold called, and sent mass mailings.”

“I knew if I could get my foot in the door, I could turn them into clients with my focus on customer service, great follow-through, honoring special requests, and always being accessible,” says Kevin.

His hard work was worth the effort, and before he knew it, Classique was back to being busier than ever, with a star-studded client roster that includes Morgan Stanley, Volcom, Make-A-Wish Foundation, Viacom, Los Angeles Clippers, MTV, VH1, and several other production companies.

But Kevin wasn’t stopping there.

“I also believe in growing the livery business, having served as President of the Greater California Livery Association for nine years and still serving as the Western Regional Director of the National Livery Association,” he says, noting that, “I work with our association to lobby in D.C. every year to ensure those that follow me in the limousine industry have a path of success.”

“Because of the struggles I faced growing up, it has made my adulthood that much easier to solve these issues. It has been one of my core values with my management team to ask them to bring me the solution to the problem, rather than just present the problem.”

Although carving a path to success certainly hasn’t been easy, the love and understanding from his family have helped Kevin continue pushing forward and grow his business to what it is today.

“I truly believe that without my family and their patience for my crazy work hours, all of this would not have been possible,” says Kevin.

“Twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week for the past 33 years is sometimes hard to believe. It would be remiss of me if I did not mention my wife Cindy Illingworth, my son, Devan Illingworth, and my daughter, Cameron Illingworth. They make me tick! Without a purpose, I would not be who I am today.”

Despite a seemingly nonstop work schedule, Kevin is also an avid sports fan—an interest he has been able to intertwine with Classique.

“My love of sports has again been great for my business!” says Kevin. “We do work for the Los Angeles Clippers, MLS soccer, and the Los Angeles Chargers. Perks include getting to go see some games.”

In addition to offering clients their choice of luxury transportation, Classique leaves no stone unturned, and no detail overlooked throughout the process.

“Our Event Specialist can assist in planning weddings, sightseeing tours, group transportation, corporate road shows, funerals, and large events. We provide the one point of contact for all your travel needs, anywhere in the world,” says Kevin.

“We focus on the customer by offering 24-hour reservation and dispatch service. We pride ourselves on ‘going the extra mile’ by honoring special requests and offering those extra touches that separate us from our competition.”

Extensive training for new and existing staff, advanced technology, and consistent upgrades to their fleet all work to enhance the customer experience.

“Clients can book online, chauffeurs can quickly update with our app-based system, and GPS tracking allows us to always know exactly where your vehicle is,” he says.

Kevin wants the community to know that who he is and what’s most important to him can be summed up in three words—friends, family, and motivation.

“This business reflects all I hold important in life. I respect and value every client, and I take great pride in providing the very best service possible,” he says.

“Family means everything to me. I run my business like they are all my family. Just recently, I brought my son in to start driving, and it’s been nice to have him around. As for friends, this business has opened so many doors for me and allowed me to meet so many great people. When it comes to motivation—I came from nothing, and I want to reinforce that there is always hope with hard work!”

“We pride ourselves on ‘going the extra mile,’ honoring special requests, and offering extra touches that separate us from competitors.”

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