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Who Make Memphis Home

If you call Memphis home, you are probably aware of the vibrant creative spirit that greets you at every entry point. When you fly in, you are welcomed by a plethora of local art representing all styles filling the airport. Driving in from downtown, the blues music on Beale Street carries through the streets, and the beautifully handcrafted murals on almost every corner welcome you into the Mid-South’s creative hub. The diversity of artistic expression ensures that everyone who calls Memphis home can find a piece of the city’s soul that resonates with their own.

It’s no secret that Memphis is home to an abundance of creatives and makers of all kinds. Musicians, visual artists, actors, writers, dancers, filmmakers, and more abound in the Bluff City. Try to imagine a Memphis without public art, galleries, museums or live performances. How does that city look to you? Probably a lot less colorful and lively; a lot less like home. Art and creativity make Memphis home for so many of us. However, murals and music don’t just pop up out of nowhere. It takes talented individuals to make art happen. Every live song you hear, every good meal you eat, every piece of public art you enjoy, happened because a local artist had the opportunity, resources and support to create.

Memphis creatives are the core of our city’s fabric, but they rely on us for community support to make what they do possible. As residents, we hold the power to fortify this cultural tapestry by actively backing our local makers and creatives. The many avenues to contribute are not only fun and exciting but also accessible. Simple things such as eating at local restaurants, going to local shows, shopping at your favorite small businesses and buying art from local artists all help the creative ecosystem of Memphis thrive. If you’re looking for something more involved, you could try a creative community class at Arrow Creative. Here, we employ local artists and makers of all ages, backgrounds and mediums to teach a variety of community classes aimed at helping people try new creative experiences. With everything from candle making to watercolor, you’re sure to find something new to enjoy. Not to mention, when you take one of our classes, you’re not only supporting Arrow’s nonprofit mission to make the arts more accessible but also allowing us to pay a living wage to our teachers who are working artists and artisans.

Love the arts but more as an enthusiast than a producer? That’s okay! There are so many other ways to support arts organizations in the city. For example, you could go see a live performance at one of our many performing arts nonprofits where you’ll find everything from ballet to opera. Are museums more your speed? Memphis has some great ones! Try spending an afternoon at The Brooks or the Metal Museum. If you’re unsure what you’re interested in but know you want to help keep Memphis creative, you can always check out the ARTSMemphis calendar, where they have an updated list of all things art and culture happening each day. Every time we support local makers and creatives, we reinforce Memphis’ brand as a cultural hub, and we keep it the home we all know and love.

Every live song you hear, every good meal you eat, every piece of public art you enjoy, happened because a local artist had the opportunity, resources and support to create. 

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