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Grand Canyon (Photo: Adam Mayster)

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Art Gallery Marvels

An Absurdly Talented Local Man is Behind the Launch of a New Art Gallery in Downtown Lake Zurich.

Article by Michael Beightol

Photography by Stephen Neilson

Originally published in SW Lake Lifestyle

Scientists mapping how the brain works have assigned characteristics such as creativity and analytical ability to different sides of the brain.

The theory is that most everybody is either left-brained or right-brained, meaning that one side of their brain is dominant. If you’re mostly analytical and methodical in your thinking, the theory says that you’re left-brained. If you tend to be more creative or artistic, you’re right-brained.

But what if you’re both?

In a nondescript building in downtown Lake Zurich a new business was launched last year—The Absurd Art Gallery. In a bright space flooded with daylight the walls are covered with a myriad of artworks: paintings, photography, mixed media, drawing and whimsical graphics. Nearly everything is the product of one artist, a CPA whose accountancy practice is in an office down the hallway.

Adam Mayster is the man behind both businesses. He has pursued careers in art and accounting, impressively flexing both sides of his brain.

With an undergrad degree in political science/legal studies and masters degrees in accounting and business, Mayster pairs those studies with certificates earned from the New York Institute of Photography.

Mayster provides tax planning and returns for individuals, and a full suite of services for small to mid-size businesses, including tax, bookkeeping, management consulting and CFO/Controller functions.

He said that opening the art gallery “seems to have always been something I’ve been working out in my mind. I’m not sure when it all started but I definitely remember where I was when the name hit me. It’s all based on existentialism. There are a lot of quotes I could offer, but if I have to put it into my own words I’d say, ‘the meaning is for you to decide’.”

Mayster’s artwork can’t be pigeonholed. The gallery includes explosions of color, precise photography, good humor, abstracts and more.

What provides the inspiration for so much art? “It really depends on where I am mentally and physically,” Mayster said. “I love creating, but I don’t love creating the same way all the time.”

More plans are in store for the gallery and gift shop, now being managed day-to-day by his partner, Sunny Hommeland, who also operates The 7th Sense Holistic Wellness in a separate space within the gallery. “I have a few variations on the theme that I’d like to explore,” Mayster said. “For the time being, existing and growing in the community, bringing in other artistic elements and having fun (are the goals). I’d love to start a poetry reading or storytelling night at some point. We’ll see what comes next.”

Learn more at Check the website for gallery hours and visit at 48 S. Old Rand Road, Suite 105. Also visit

  • Abstract Wave (Adam Mayster)
  • Yerkes Observatory (Photo: Adam Mayster)
  • Fistbump (Photo: Stephen Neilson)
  • Sunny Hommeland preps Adam for his photo shoot.
  • Grand Canyon (Photo: Adam Mayster)
  • Nightspot (Photo: Adam Mayster)
  • Both Sides, Now. (Photo: Stephen Neilson)