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Art is Everywhere

Art is everywhere, and the city of Allen is no exception. Allen’s public art enhances the aesthetics of our community and helps bring character and creativity to everyday places. Furthermore, public art provides a sense of community and can encourage people to connect with those around them.

Public art also helps us to memorialize individuals and events that are significant to Allen’s history. Additionally, it benefits Allen economically by serving as a desirable destination for employers and families. Each of these features is vital to continuing Allen’s Public Art Master Plan, which is the outline that each new artwork follows. The commissioning of each piece can take a year or more to come to fruition, and the process is undoubtedly community-driven. The commissioning of art in Allen is done by the Public Art Committee, which consists of seven community members who take the best interests of the community to heart when selecting Allen’s public art. The public is welcome to attend the Public Art Committee meetings, and the funds for Allen’s public art are approved in a bond election every 8–10 years. Additionally, members from the community can apply to serve on an Artist Selection Panel, which is responsible for overseeing the process of commissioning new public artwork in Allen. In short, public art connects people, serves our community, and helps us to remember that art truly is everywhere. 

For more information, or to locate some of Allen’s public art, use the MAP Art Mobile Guide or Allen’s Public Art Directory, both of which can be found at